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Dental filling

Has anyone gotten a dental filling and numbness during their pregnancy? I will be 17 weeks when I have it done. OB gave me a list to give dentist what is safe . I know I have heard mixed information on this topic.

Re: Dental filling

  • I've had a root canal during pregnancy. It's safer than having a tooth infection in my opinion. My dentists have always known what's safe and what's not. You just have to tell them you're pregnant of course. :)
  • 10 years dental experience here! It's safe any time, but the 2nd tri is ideal. 
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    I underwent my dental filling in the second trimester. It is safe. My condition worsened because I had a bad toothache and an infection. If the pain is normal, you may have to wait for birth; otherwise, do it in your second trimester. Dentists are aware of handling the dental procedures of a pregnant woman, don't be tensed and live without pain. Take care!!!

  • I also work in the dental field. Dental treatment is much safer than infection in your mouth. Definitely get any cavities taken care of before there is a risk of infection and abscess. Pregnancy can be uncomfortable enough without adding the pain and stress of a toothache to the mix. Best of luck!
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