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Weekly Randoms August 29

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Re: Weekly Randoms August 29

  • My 6 year old got a little radio for Christmas and he often puts on forbidden smut music of today and we have to turn it off. Well today I learned that 90s rock music is the only thing that calms him. I suppose it's a safe compromise. 
  • @seeds_of_joy I’m so amused on what seems to work with helping kids feel better. Sometimes the solution is so left field. 😂
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  • Im 16 weeks today and still haven’t gained any weight… should I be concerned? Planning on talking to my dr at my next appointment but I feel like I’m failing baby girl
  • @rblack7 I think it's normal for some people but you should probably start gaining now. It depends a lot on if you are overweight or underweight, as well as other factors. If you're underweight, it's probably more crucial to start gaining. I would definitely talk to your doctor asap if that's the case. With my last few pregnancies, I gained more that what's suggested in the first trimester but it always balanced out to 25-35 in the end. I think different mamas gain at different times.
  • @rblack7 I haven't gained any weight either (actually lost), but that's how it was with my previous pregnancy too. At your next visit just ask if they're concerned, but I think if they were they would have brought it up by now. You're likely to start gaining soon!
  • @rblack7 I’ve actually lost a few pounds since the beginning of the pregnancy. I started out about 5lbs over my normal weight and the poor appetite of first trimester caused me to lose that extra weight. No one has been concerned 
  • My 11 year old has a fever 🤒🤕 Not Covid, thank goodness, but still not a good thing. Now just waiting for everybody else to get whatever this is…🥵🤦‍♀️
  • @cpk3535 Hoping it doesn't effect your whole household and I hope your daughter is already better. We had a bizarre fever a couple weeks ago that only got to the kids, effected them all differently, and lasted only a day. Sometimes I think these viruses are just building their immunity because I often don't get them. Or maybe it's because I wash my hands and don't lick them. 🤔
  • @justkp congrats!!! 🙌
  • @justkp congrats on the new job! I started a new job at the end of June. I finally told them a couple of weeks ago and it went fine. I don’t think there is ever a great time to go on maternity leave in a job but it’s hard when you are just starting out. Hopefully everything goes smoothly for you!! 
  • @justkp Congratulations on the new job! I hope it goes well and supports you fully!
  • cpk3535cpk3535 member
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    @seeds_of_joy Lol, sounds like how illness works around our house, too! So far, she’s much better and the fever part seems to have disappeared. Not sure why she always seems to get feverish with colds and then when the rest of us get it (if we get it), we don’t seem to get fevers. I don’t think she drinks enough fluids for one thing…Kids, lol 🙄❤️
  • @cpk3535 maybe just the way she processes it 🤷‍♀️ So glad to hear she's doing better!
  • Thanks ladies  <3 I hope it will go down well, I was headhunted by a former colleague and actually told her so I wouldn't feel entirely dishonest. And when children came up indirectly at the interview (ability to travel for work) my future boss told me they were child positive. So I'm sure it will be fine, just not a conversation I look forward to 😅
  • Ugh, I feel like I’ve pulled or strained a muscle under my rib cage. Thanks to my nausea subsiding a little bit more, I did some basic yoga moves on all fours yesterday and today, it hurts. I think these muscles have been tightening as I’ve been slumping holding my toddler, feeling sick to my stomach, etc, and now I’ve stretched it out to far to quick. Ugh, I feel like such a wuss. 😂🙄
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