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Healthy Habits w/o 8/29

What habits, goals, or resolutions are you focusing on this week/year?

How's everything going? Any recent wins?

What has you motivated or struggling?

Re: Healthy Habits w/o 8/29

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    What habits, goals, or resolutions are you focusing on this week/year?
    I guess trying to stay the course with this upcoming stims cycle. i've been really finding a groove with my running lately but had decided a week or two ago that i needed to back off a bit, since maybe(??) more exercise might impact my antral follicle count? anyway, i'd not really committed to that, but the decision just got made for me as the forest fire smoke our region has mostly avoided this summer has arrived with a vengeance, and there's no way i can go out and run in that soup.

    How's everything going? Any recent wins?
    those of you who chimed in on my pushup saga/pinched nerve situation last week will maybe be happy to hear that i can now do 25 pushups from my knees, and a couple of v. sketchy full pushups. progress.

    What has you motivated or struggling?
    the smoke, the smoke. so gross and claustrophobic.
    I am doing this on my own. Left ovary and fallopian tube removed due to cyst/necrosis just after birth. Right ovary and tube still purport to function.
    Began TTC in Aug '18 @ age 35
    5 or 6 (or 7?!) cycles using frozen donor sperm, ICI. All BFN
    Mar-Jun '19 IUIs, all BFN
    Began process of referral for RE in spring of '19, blood tests confirm low AMH (.54) but all else is good.
    May '19 HSG shows open tube, but ultrasound suggests fibroids
    MRI in June '19 confirms two large fibroids, one growing through wall of uterus
    In June '19 I move from California to Oregon, disrupting my insurance, referrals, etc. 5 months spent piecing it all back together.
    Nov. '19 attempted myomectomy (vaginal approach) failed. 2nd surgery using laparoscopic method in Jan '20 is successful.
    April '20 --> June '20, natural IUIs, all BFN.
    July? saline ultrasound and bubble test demonstrate open tube
    July '20 clomid cycle cancelled for thin lining
    Aug-Oct, 3 femara cycles, all BFN
    RE referral. While waiting to set up an appointment Nov-Jan,I continue with natural cycles and ICI, using a known donor, BFN...
    Jan '21 more bloodwork, AMH is worse (.30), FSH high albeit not catastrophic at 13.2. hysteroscopy all good. "looks cozy!" says the RE.
    Feb '21, injectables (menopur, novarel), iui, BFN (doc said the frozen donor sperm sample had the "best numbers she'd ever seen!")
    Mar '21, injectables, iui cancelled due to lack of follicles, converted to at home-insem. BFN
    May '21, first IVF round cancelled due to cyst.
    July '21 IVF: standard antagonist. 225menupur/225gonal-f/cetrotide/5000u trigger, AFC 7; 6 days of stims. 8 eggs retrieved, 7 mature, 5 fertilize, 4 made it to blast. 3 are 4AB, 1 is 4BB. PGT-A results all abnormal.
    Oct '21 somewhat improved AMH (.51) and significantly improved FSH (8.9). Maybe it's all the pills I swallow.
    Dec -21, standard antagonist. 225menupur/225gonal-f/cetrotide/5000u trigger, AFC 5; 11 days of stims. retrieval yields 5, 4M, 2 reach day-6 blast (4AB & 4BB). 1 low-level mosaic (chr. 3 deletion), 1 complex abnormal.
    Feb '22 FET (low-level mosaic): CP.
    May '22 egg retrieval, lupron flare protocol. HGH priming for 1 month before stims; md lupron 20/20u daily; menopur 225, follistim 225, 10k trigger after 8 days of stims; AFC 10; 13 retrieved; 10 mature; 8 fertilized. All frozen at 2PN for later thaw, grow, and biopsy.
    July '22 egg retrieval same protocol: 9 days of stims; AFC 8; 10 retrieved, 8 mature, 4 fertilized and frozen.
    Sept '22 ER same protocol: AFC 10; 12 retrieved, 11 mature, 11 fertilized.
    From the 3 retrievals, 7 survived to day 5-6 blastocyst, from which I have 2 normal embryos!
    Jan 20, Fully medicated FET, baby aspirin, dexamethasone, acupuncture, and as much woo as I can stand (which isn't very much). BFN.
    July 23, Natural FET + baby aspirin. BFN.
  • @optimistgardener i'm sorry the air quality is so crummy! but also, wooo girl on the push ups! that's amazing and i know how good it feels to get back to what you were capable of!

    What habits, goals, or resolutions are you focusing on this week/year? i would like to get my butt up in the morning, but i am not a morning person. right now i manage to exercise 3-4x a week, and i know i could get to 5 days if i got up in the morning. i can't at night, i'm toast by end of the day and if i do any cardio i won't sleep.

    How's everything going? Any recent wins? well! this is huge for me - i finally had a come to jesus moment that something was not right with my core, some stuff i was totally fine doing (hello 2 minute plank) but i had somehow lost the ability to do reverse crunches and sit ups. i swallowed my pride re my abilities and spent the last 3 weeks doing a postpartum core program (aka majorly back to basics) and i am now back in action! woohoo! it's a huge relief, and honestly my back which can give me some trouble is also feeling great. i have some aches and pains i blame on sports from my youth, and i worry about getting old and feeble. 

    What has you motivated or struggling? right now feeling majorly motivated with my progress, just need to somehow become a person who wants to get up at 530am
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