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Naming a baby girl after Arthur

Hello...this is my fist post, but 3rd child. We would like to name our third after a relative named Arthur. We already have a Harriet (Hattie) and Freya. We're having a hard time coming up with girls names that start with "Art" that aren't Artemis (we already have a goddess) and Aretha (which makes me want to burst into song, but...not loving it for baby).

Thought I might ask a bunch of strangers for some suggestions ;) Thanks!

Re: Naming a baby girl after Arthur

  • Seems like you could go a few different ways.

    -Lovely names that start with "Art" besides Artemis 


    -Names with "Art" in them so the namesake/nickname could apply


    -Names inspired by literal famous works of Art so the namesake/nickname could apply

    Mona (Mona Lisa by DaVinci)
    Iris (Irises by Van Gogh)
    Eve (Creation of Eve by Michelangelo)
    Dawn (Dawn by Breton)
    Pearl (Girl with a Pearl Earring by Vermeer)

  • Use it as a middle name, then you don't need a far fetched tribute.

    Lillian Arthur
    Celeste Arthur
    Jillian Arthur

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  • Maybe think of Ar- names? Like Arlene or something? That may give you more options!
  • What about Arti? The “y” sound makes it more feminine and dripping the e (Artie) modernizes it a bit a la Stormi Webster. Arty could also work but looks a lot like artsy. 

    Here’s a wild card - Ruth (it’s almost arTHUR backwards!)

    mARTHa - again, uses mostly letters from Arthur.
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