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Product Spotlight: Baby Carriers

Our Product Spotlight Series continues! Each week we'll spotlight a new category of product. If you discover something new or are new to the board, you're welcome to comment on threads like these throughout your time here, not just when it's their week in the spotlight.

FTMs are encouraged to ask questions & STM/+s encouraged to share their knowledge based on experience. You can use any or all the prompts relevant to you below to share info in an easy-to-read format--or none of them. Pictures/screen grabs, if put in spoilers, are welcome! This week we're talking.... Baby Carriers!

For S+TMs:
  • Favorite baby carrier (brand &/or type)
  • Link/picture:
  • Cost (either actual dollar amount, or just $, $$, $$$, etc.):
  • What you like about it:
  • What you don't like about it, if anything:
  • Is there a baby carrier you don't have but are considering? Why?:
  • Additional thoughts on baby carriers:
For FTMs:
  • Carrier(s) you're interested in:
  • Link/picture:
  • Cost (either actual dollar amount, or just $, $$, $$$, etc.):
  • Any questions about it/them for S+TMs?:

Re: Product Spotlight: Baby Carriers

  • For S+TMs:
    • Favorite baby carrier (brand &/or type): we had a structured carrier as well as a baby k’tan carrier. I liked both for different reasons. 
    • Link/picture: you can find them on Amazon 
    • Cost (either actual dollar amount, or just $, $$, $$$, etc.): baby k’tan is around $60. We had an infantino carrier that’s around $35
    • What you like about it: I liked the baby k’tan for baby wearing my newborn around the house. I would do dishes or laundry or even just let him nap in there. When he got older I used it to hip carry when he was being a Velcro baby and wouldn’t let me sit him down to make dinner. As for the infantino carrier: I didn’t feel like it was any worse than a really expensive structured carrier. I found it super helpful when grocery shopping before my son was able to sit in the cart. It’s easy to use and fits both my husband and I as well as my sons grandparents. I found that when we were traveling, I preferred having my son in a carrier over a stroller in the airport. That’s just personal preference though. 
    • What you don't like about it, if anything: not a huge fan of the sizing for baby k’tan. It goes off of pre pregnancy size and I was in between sizes, especially immediately postpartum. 
    • Is there a baby carrier you don't have but are considering? Why?: I would like to try out a ring sling this time. They just look so easy
    • Additional thoughts on baby carriers:
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    For S+TMs:
    • Favorite baby carrier (brand &/or type): BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Mini
    • Link/picture: https://www.babybjorn.com/products/baby-carriers/baby-carrier-mini/navy-blue-3d-mesh
    • Cost (either actual dollar amount, or just $, $$, $$$, etc.): $99.99
    • What you like about it: it’s a structured carrier, but it feels like a hybrid between a wrap and a structured. The criss-cross back made it more comfortable than others that tend to have shoulder and hip straps. It packs down smaller than other structured carriers and you don’t need a newborn insert like with Ergo. I wore my son after getting stranded at a random airport when he was five months old, he slept in it for four hours while we stood in line to get a hotel and my back didn’t break.
    • What you don't like about it, if anything: it only works up to a year, and you can’t back carry when baby is older. That didn’t bother me too much last time as I felt strollers were easier at that age anyway, but I might try to baby wear longer this time since I’ll also have a preschooler to wrangle.
    • Is there a baby carrier you don't have but are considering? Why?: I tried them all at the time. Liked some, hated some (more on that below). There might be new ones on the market now that I’ll check out but I don’t have specifics.
    • Additional thoughts on baby carriers: seriously, try them all. Borrow from friends and buy used/get them free off marketplace. People really prefer different things, I personally found structured carriers easier and I loathe ring slings and wraps with a passion. They both were a bitch to put on and seemed to get looser within minutes, even if they were so tight I couldn’t breathe when I put them on. But, I have several friends who swear by them, so try it! It might work for you. I’ve especially heard ring slings are great for breastfeeding while baby wearing, but all of my friends who think so have big boobs and I don’t. Your physique matters in what your preference will be. Another point: get dad/partner involved, he needs to try on multiple carriers too! You should both have your own, even if you prefer the same type, especially if structured so you can keep it at your preferred setting. 
    Honorable mention: Tula Free to Grow. This one is super functional, you can wear baby any which way, including on the back when older. Plus it comes with a handy little Velcro pocket underneath baby’s butt, so you can bring your keys, phone and card holder if you’re just popping in somewhere quick and don’t want to carry a massive diaper bag.

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    • Favorite baby carrier (brand &/or type) Solly wrap (especially for the newborn days)
    • Link/picture: https://sollybaby.com/collections/wraps
    • Cost (either actual dollar amount, or just $, $$, $$$, etc.): about $70ish
    • What you like about it: this wrap was literally my saving grace during the newborn stage. My son did not like to be put down so baby wearing was the only way I got anything done. He always seemed pretty cozy in the Solly wrap and would take naps when I wore him
    • What you don't like about it, if anything: Does take a little to figure out how to wrap it, but I just watched a YouTube video the first couple of times. The wrap is really long so I would wrap it on myself before getting into my car so it wouldn't drag on the ground when trying to put it on out in public 
    • Is there a baby carrier you don't have but are considering? Why?: Just hung out with a friend who had a Boppy carrier---it was a hybrid wrap/structured one. Looked really nice, comfy, and easy to use
    • Additional thoughts on baby carriers: try out a lot of different ones! You can usually get them for free or cheap on FB. I also tried the baby k'tan but my son hated it. I have a couple ring slings that I never used (I was intimidated by them) but I'm gonna give them a try this time. You'll want different carriers for different things. We use the Ergo carrier (more structured) a lot now (he's 15 months). We also have a hiking pack that a friend handed down to us, just haven't used it yet
  • This is all great advice, STMs!
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    @nsk489 ohhh the hoppy carrier looks nice! I have a solly wrap and while I did figure out it how to put it on eventually, it never worked out for me. The boppy looks like a wrap without the hassle! Might have to try it out, thanks for the heads up on that one!
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