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My baby loves Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Hey all! I hope everyone has had a great weekend. Or, as much of a “weekend” as moms really get 😒😂. I had a question/scenario I wanted to share to get some thoughts.

We have tried EVERY movie with my son Maxwell do get him to relax. One night my husband and I were watching the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and it was the FIRST time he stopped crying and watched. It so so weird because he will not do that for any other movie!

Now that we found a movie that works, I’ll sit him in his baby walker and have him watch TCM while I shower/do chores. It’s working wonders. My question is, does anybody have any other movies that work for their little ones? Thanks in advance!

Re: My baby loves Texas Chainsaw Massacre

  • Hide your chainsaws when baby proofing 
  • It may be the sounds and music that interest him. 

    If you’re looking to move away from that type of content, maybe try to adjust slowly to kids content. Like start with TCM, move to a less scream-y score-heavy film with similar high contrast images (maybe a James Bond movie?), then keep transitioning to less and less gore/violence. Maybe eventually you’ll make it to Hey Bear stuff on YouTube. If not, maybe you’ll make it far enough you won’t have to watch a slasher film all the time. 
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