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Stress and cramps, worried I'm hurting the baby?

I'm 5 1/2 weeks pregnant and today I got super stressed out and started freaking out over the house being gross and guests coming over I was basically yelling and then I got some sharp cramps that went away but basically if I raise my voice or get stressed I cramp 

Should I be worried? My 8 week appointment is so freaking far away how am I supposed to know if the baby is ok until then? Given how much I've stressed 😫

Re: Stress and cramps, worried I'm hurting the baby?

  • They say that this type of stuff shouldn’t affect baby.  Just try to take your deep breaths and nap when you can !  Confide in the people around you.  No matter what happens it will all work out xoxo.  I would also look up round ligament pain, that’s what I am contributing my sharp cramps to that come and go  
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