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On and off morning/night sickness

So I been getting sick on and off one day im good the next I’m miserable can’t eat nothing and I be hungry 🤦🏾‍♀️😩. Any advice other than crackers please ! I’m 12w1d by the way

Re: On and off morning/night sickness

  • I'd bite on slices on lemon when it got real bad, somehow the acidic overload seemed to get the nausea to go away for a while. I'd eat maybe 2 lemons daily for a few weeks, probably horrible on the teeth, but it helped sooo much! (Sorry you're still dealing with this btw, hope it goes away soon :/
  • I found B6 to be really helpful, and it worked pretty quickly, too. I think it was 25 mg up to 4x a day, we got them from Amazon for cheap. There are also Preggo Pop Drops that we got at Walmart when we were in a pinch once, they had B6 and were sour which helped, too. But honestly, whatever foods work for you are what you should eat. I ate a lot of fruit - grapefruit, strawberries, blueberries, oranges, bananas - because I couldn’t stomach anything too bland, weirdly enough. Also anything salty or spicy was good. Pretzels were a godsend to be honest. 
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  • @knottie… I agree with the above. Ginger tea may help as well. Yogi tea has a yummy ginger mango tea I made for myself sometimes. I also have found acupuncture treatments helpful in managing my nausea and allowing me to tolerate foods. I hope you feel better soon. ❤️
  • Unisom really helped me. You can buy it at the drug store. Make sure it's the one with active ingredient doxylamine succinate. You're supposed to take 1/2 tablet before bed. It is the only thing that actually helped my nausea and my midwife actually prescribed 2 other meds that did nothing or made it worse. I wouldn't have made it through my 1st trimester working without the unisom. It doesn't completely stop nausea but it really helped with vomiting so I wasn't running to the restroom all day. Good luck. Nausea is the absolute worst!
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