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Subchronic hemorrhage

I went to the er this morning/afternoon for some bleeding. I am 12w+5. They did an ultrasound and said they found a small subchronic hemorrhage. Baby's heart was still fluttering away when they did the ultrasound so that made me feel better. I was told to come home and relax so I did. I've been on the couch since we've been back. We'll now I'm having very mild cramping and my bleeding has picked up. I don't want to go back to the er since it's 1 am but I'm so scared. This is my 3rd pregnancy, although my last was 13 years ago. I'm not sure what to do. Has anyone else had this happen to them? If so what did you do? 

Re: Subchronic hemorrhage

  • @anxious-mama I gave a SCH too, and was told to come in if I have any bleeding as heavy as a period. 
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    @anxious-mama US tech here. Small SCH are fairly common and typically resolve on their own. We see them quite often. They’re concerning when they take up greater than 50% of where the sac is implanted. I’m dealing with a slightly larger than normal SCH but my OB isn’t concerned. He just said if I have any bright red bleeding to call. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this! Hope your symptoms resolve soon. 
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  • Oh, so happy to find a thread here about this! @anxious-mama, how did you get on? Did it resolve on its own? 

    I went for an exam this morning because I've had some bleeding for a couple of days and was told I have one of those subchorionic hematomas (1 x 2 cm, so it's small, and away from the placenta, which is apparently a good thing). Get back and read about it, and online advice seems to be to reduce activity. The OB/GYN who saw me consulted with a senior dr., and they were not particularly concerned, I just had to watch out for major bleeding and that's about it but they reckoned it would eventually resolve on its own. I was not told to do anything differently and now I worry if they just forgot to tell me, or if it's simply irrelevant for me to reduce activity levels... Did they tell you guys to take it more easy or is that only if they are large? 
  • Had one earlier on in my pregnancy around 6 weeks... resolved on its own. No bleeding. I was definitely scared. 
  • Justkp my dr put me on moderate bed rest. She told me to just relax, no unnecessary activities, no lifting anything over 10 lbs, and she told me not to stand in place for very long. I bled a decent amount for about 6 was. IT started a bright red and went to brown/dark red after about 2 weeks. It took them 3 weeks to even find it on an ultrasound. I was terrified every day. I'm still very worried but I'm an anxious mess. But you will get through this and it will be okay :) I wish I could say it isn't scary but it is. Just take it easy and keep track of your bleeding. 😊
  • I had bleeding at 5 weeks bright red and went to the ER, they said I had a friable crevice but nothing on ultrasound. They set me up for a follow up ultrasound one week later and they found the subchorionic hematoma. They said it was small and my docs said it was fairly common and they go away on their own. It was still there at 9 weeks 6 days when they did another ultrasound. I bled on and off every week from then until just two weeks ago. I had days where it would be bright red when I went to the bathroom and then brown for days after. Fingers crossed it is gone by now but it is terrifying. I have done tons of research on subchorionic hematomas and it seems to increase the chance of miscarriage almost two fold BUT size and location matter. I have also read AHA can help reduce the size and so can progesterone. 
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