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Colic Baby

My son just turned 4 weeks old and he has been crying non-stop for 2 days now. I’m starting to think he’s colic. I changed formulas to a more sensitive one and tried every suggestion I’ve read about. Nothing has worked to soothe him for a prolonged period of time. I also can’t put him down he needs to be held. Any suggestions? Help! 

Re: Colic Baby

  • It’s possible it’s colic but it’s also possible that it’s a growth spurt! My little one is 7 weeks now and we had 4 really rough days between weeks 4-5 where she was hard to soothe and VERY fussy and didn’t want to ever be put down. 
    It turned out to be temporary and she went back to her normal self after a few days. I read about it and it’s called a “wonder week”. Wonder weeks are major growth spurts that happen during your babies development. 
    I hope this helps.. hang in there, mamma! 
  • Also, if he just had his 1 month check up and received vaccines, he could be sore/irritable from those temporarily. 
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  • My little one is just turning 7 weeks and we have had on and off times with her. Sometimes she's calm but there have been stretches of days where she is definitely colicky. We have also changed formula but really hasn't made much of a difference. She just seems to have stretches of bad days. I did give her gripe water during the last stretch and it helped her quite a bit. Possible the ginger helped settle her tummy.
    I didn't realize how difficult it would be for her to poop or get gas out!
    Upsetting when I can't really help her so I'm hoping it does just pass with time.
  • I feel you, I’m in the same boat. It just started this week, for the fussiness and not wanting to sleep. She’s 3 weeks old. My husband and I are tapped out. Is it still continuing for you?? 
  • Hey there guys! It’s happening for me too, my baby girl is 6 weeks and 5 days and she’s been crying terribly, consoling her takes a long time and just last night she didn’t want to sleep very well. I changed her formula too to gentlease and have been giving her probiotics since yesterday, I’m hoping that helps. I too read about the growth spurts and it’s a lot going on for baby. I’m so tired but it’s comforting to see other mommy’s talking to each other here! Guys let me know how it goes for you, I try to remind myself at this time that this is temporary! We are moms for a reason strength is in us! 
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