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Product Spotlight: Baby Carriers

This week’s spotlight is on Baby Carriers. Ring sling? Soft Structured Carrier? Classic Baby Bjorn? Modal/stretchy wrap? 

What do you like/dislike and why? What would you recommend?

Best for newborn? Infant? Toddlers? 

Recommendations for best for breast feeding while carrying, back carry, front carry, tandem carry, etc. 

Share your wisdom and your “I wish I had known”

Re: Product Spotlight: Baby Carriers

  • I really enjoyed my Ergobaby Original 3 Position Baby Carrier. It came with a newborn insert which is easily removed when they grow a bit. I wore my oldest everywhere until he was about two. My 2nd wasn’t worn much because he was born right before Covid hit the US, so we didn’t go anywhere. It was easy to put on and off, and is machine washable.

    I also had a Moby wrap which is comfy, but was trickier for me to tie.

  • What do you like/dislike and why? What would you recommend?  Loved Tula Free to Grow, it's comfortable and I could buckle it myself and get baby in.  This was good starting at 3 months, before then I liked the Ring Sling.  I have and tried the wrap but tying that was laughable, my method seemed unsafe so I never used it, but others swear by it.

    Best for newborn? Ring Sling

    Infant? Tula

    Toddlers? Tula and hiking carrier (if you get a hiking carrier definitely try them out at REI or the like)

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  • I loved my Ergobaby with infant insert for newborns. DD was super colicky and sometimes putting her in there was the only thing I could do to calm her down. 

    Then as they grow I still like Ergobaby for inward facing carry (if you want them to sleep). And we also have a Lillebaby which I liked better for outward facing carry. 

    For toddlers, I liked hip carry with (you guessed it) the Ergobaby. We also had a nice hiking one from REI but I thought it was way too clumsy and heavy to use for actual hiking. So instead I used....back carry with the Ergobaby. 😆

    I love baby carriers and used mine every single day, and I'm sure I will with this LO too. I will also say that I like having multiple (one was a hand-me-down) for different stages. I also got a hand-me-down Tula but I was intimidated by the tying, so I prefer the structured ones. But I do know people who love wrap style too.
  • I had a stretchy wrap from solly baby, an ergobaby 360, and a ring sling.  

    I loved the stretchy wrap during the newborn/infant phase.  It was super comfy and while I was a little intimidated by the instructions for putting it on at first, it was actually pretty easy and I got a hang of it pretty quickly.  A lot of times I would just wear it all day and just adjust it real quick each time I put my son back in.  I wasn’t able to breastfeed while baby wearing with it, but I could easily take my son out, pull it to the side to feed, then readjust and put him back in.  I was honestly kind sad when he outgrew wanting to be carried facing inwards because it really was so helpful.

    As my son got older and started to want to face outwards more I switched to the ergobaby 360.  It was great for shopping and I loved that I could pretty easily switch which way he was facing if he started to want to nap facing inwards.

    I never really mastered the ring sling.  I wanted so bad to love it but no matter how much I adjusted the fit it always ended up migrating to put all of the weight directly on my neck the second I started actually moving in it.  I think part of my problem was the fact the I have narrow shoulders but really large breasts which meant that where it wanted to naturally sit on my body didn’t fit with where it was supposed to sit.  I have friends who absolutely loved the ring sling though, so I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad option all around.
  • What do you like/dislike and why? What would you recommend? I had an ErgoBaby 360, a ring sling, and a wrap thingy. Tbh I didn’t feel I got baby secure enough in the sling and wrap. DS was 10 pounds at birth and was always large so it’s possible it was a mismatch with a large floppy infant. I did really like the Ergo and used it a lot until he was maybe 14 months. Tbh he was then so heavy it was a challenge to wear him. I think the Ergo feels secure to wear and a lot of people continue to wear their toddlers in it (DS is not yet 3 and already 47 pounds so that’s a big no thank you to wearing him). 

    Recommendations for best for breast feeding while carrying, back carry, front carry, tandem carry, etc. I was able to BF in the Ergo with some finagling, usually while sitting.

  • Lol it sounds like none of us really got the hang of the wrap/sling type carriers. I wonder if there's anybody on here who could convince us to give it another go??
  • Tula ring sling for newborn/breastfeeding 
    konny baby slings are super easy and light as well

    naked panda tough ruck for hiking/walks/double carry 

    @jennifer_louise me! Love my ring sling, but hated the wraps
  • @tryingktogku do you have thoughts on prewrapped carriers like Baby K'tan?  Pros, cons?  I like the idea of the wraps, but I don't trust my tying ability. Are the woven wraps less stretchy/ more secure feeling?  Thanks!
  • @willrunforcookies I do not like the pre wrapped at all! I find they are uncomfortable and unsupportive! Woven wraps are more supportive than stretchy and can be used from newborn to toddlerhood! It’s a learning curve too but once you get a Foreword  Facing Front Cross Carry down you’re golden! I find a prima blend woven wrap a really nice starter one! Light weight and breathable and easy to learn with! If wraps seriously intimidate you the Ergo newborn Embrace carrier is very comfortable and quick and easy to use! 

  • There’s a houndstooth Artipoppe carrier that’s so beautiful I could cry (oh hi there, hormones!), and then I see the price tag and feel vindicated for crying. I’ve heard they’re worth the price, but DANG. Seriously considering sewing my own…
  • I love my woven wraps. I started with a ergo baby and a baby bjorn with my first but moved on to woven wraps and woven ring slings. Now I have more than I should admit…
    It took me a bit to get the hang of wovens but I joined a fb group Geeky Wrappers and they have a massive reference to different carries with video links and are great to answer any questions that you have on what could be better with what you are doing. 
    Wrap you in Love. FB and you tube also has a ton of videos on how to with tons of different wraps, stretchies and carriers. I still to this day (when he will let me) wrap my three yr old and my six yr old would probably let me too if he wouldn’t break my back. 
    This newest little will literally grow up in  wrap because I find it so easy to strap them on so I can get things done. They get mom and I can do what needs done. 
  • @Uruz100 100%! The only way I can see myself being able to run after my toddler with a newborn is by having the newborn wrapped up lol
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