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Baby Aspirin

Has anyone been prescribed baby aspirin? 

Re: Baby Aspirin

  • I have after getting covid. My midwife’s nurse told me it’s standard procedure now if you get covid while pregnant. I’m not sure why, probably to prevent pre eclampsia is my guess. I don’t know much about covid and being pregnant other than if you have symptoms, it sucks a lot. But I was completely better within 8 days. Only lost my smell and taste for 4 days.
  • my midwife group also recommended baby aspirin to me due to Covid in week 7 of this pregnancy. Reasons being heightened risk for pre e. I am not planning on taking it. My only other risk factor for pre e is being advanced maternal age. 
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  • I don’t know about the Covid stuff but I had very severe pre-e and HELLP syndrome with my son so My OB wants me to start baby aspirin in a week to help lower my risk of complications in this pregnancy.
  • Happy to hear you’re better🌹
  • I’ve had many MC so I’m assuming this why. 
    All of you ladies will be in my prayers. 
  • My doctor just suggested it starting daily around week 16. She said it's been proven to help prevent preeclampsia and eclampsia. I have a bit of an allergy to aspirin, so while she suggests it in a very low dose, she said it's not 100% necessary, especially if I have a reaction.
  • Wow. I have an appointment on Monday I’m going to write all of my questions down and ask while I’m there. 
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    Yes, I was prescribed aspirin to reduce complications related to my older age.

    After asking my doctor and doctor friends, it can be prescribed for reducing the risk of:

    - preeclampsia & high blood pressure 
    - blood clots 

    so far, haven’t heard of any major side effects. Also, was told to continue until week 34. Talk to your doctor if you’re curious, since each case may be different. 

  • Thank you. I’m going to ask tomorrow. I will say it helps with the back pain and cramping tho so that’s a plus. 
  • Yes I've been on baby aspirin for my entire pregnancy. I did IVF and my doctor started me on it weeks before the transfer to help Increase blood flow to the uterus. I am currently 15weeks and still taking it daily. 
  • When I went to the MFM doctor last week for my NT scan, he recommended taking 2- 81mg aspirin every night until delivery... I've been taking 1 a night since then because everything I've researched says only 81mg daily, and being that he's not my actual OB, I'm conflicted... Did anyone else's doc say two of them a night? For reference I've never had pre E or any other issues, besides my "advanced maternal age" 🙄🤣
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  • I was told by my doctor to take 1 aspirin daily, due to having preeclampsia when I was 15 in 2008 with my first child. I had my second child at 22 in 2015, never once did they tell me to take aspirin to prevent preeclampsia; However now at 29 with my 3rd child they are saying to take it due to “history” I’m very conflicted & unsure if I’m going to be taking it or not. I believe it’s a “newish” study since there was no mention of it in 2015. Makes me a bit anxious.
  • Mine say 2 daily at bedtime 162mg
  • Right cause Ive given birth in 2005 and 2009 
    I didn’t start hearing about the baby aspirin until 2018. 
  • I take one a day due to my history of loss.  My OB said I could go ahead and take it this time as well, so I started it shortly after finding out I was pregnant.
  • Update Ladies: I had my appointment today and I asked about the aspirin. The OB said its due yo my age and the number of MCs I’ve had in the past. He also said they (Doctors in the Medical Field) just recently started doubling the dosage of the baby aspirin. 
  • I’m on low dose aspirin (which I’ve been on in previous pregnancies) as well as injectable Lovenox. I have a number of clotting related risks. 

    FWIW, my hematologist mentioned to me that women of child bearing age specifically are at high risk of blood clots with COVID-19. Being pregnant also increases risk of blood clots. The two combined risks probably mean pregnant people should consult with their OB about low dose aspirin while pregnant. 

    @BritanieStanley I looked it up and it looks like a meta-analysis of studies showed the best results for aspirin doses over 150 (so two low dose aspirin would be about right). I’ve only been told to take one but will ask the MFMs when I see them if it should be two (although again I’m on injectable blood thinner as well).
  • @zamoraspin do you mean the aspirin could help prevent clots or exacerbate the risk? (Sorry for my limited understanding of pharmaceuticals here 😆)

    My doc also advised me to take 1 low dose aspirin tablet per day starting around 13w (aka now) due to my history of high BP.
  • @jennifer_louise Sorry for delay - low dose aspirin can reduce risk of blood clots. My hematologist recommended any women of childbearing age specifically take low dose aspirin if COVID positive. It is also often recommended to reduce risk of pre-e in pregnant people.
  • Just went to my midwife and asked about aspirin (thanks to this group!) and she highly recommended one baby aspirin per day. Usually they start with women over 40 but she said the studies done show that it helps reduce hypertension in over 35 so I will be starting as soon as I can get to the pharmacy. 
  • I can actually say it helps with my cramping and back pain so it does more than they think. Lol! I 
  • Hi Ladies. Is anyone still taking baby aspirin daily at this point? 
  • @their_beauty4 Yep!  I still take 2 a night and likely will for the majority of the remainder of my pregnancy.  Some doctors will tell you to stop a week or so before your anticipated delivery.
  • Okay I’ll pickup my refill then. 
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