High-Risk Pregnancy

Hypothyroidism and adrenal disease?

I just recently found out I have hypothyroidism and they believe now I have some sort of adrenal disease. My thyroid level was 106.223. Started taking half a pill of levothyroxine but my cortisol level was 6.5, which I guess is low? Friday I go for adrenal testing. Anyone else going through this/been through this while pregnant? I don’t see my midwife until July 28th but so far I feel like baby is okay, no miscarriage symptoms. I have random pains but I think it’s just everything growing and expanding. Third child, previous pregnancies I had 0 complications or health problems. Trying not to be stressed but with the rest of my life the way it is, it’s hard not to be. 100% unplanned pregnancy. 31 years old.
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