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Baby Girl Middle Name Help 👧🏻🎀😭

I’m currently 25 weeks with my first baby and I couldn’t be more excited! My boyfriend and I finally decided on a name for our baby girl but it took us forever because my boyfriend was so undecided. We finally decided on Yaretzi, meaning you will always be loved. Once I found out it meant that, I knew that was what I wanted to name my baby girl after having a miscarriage this time last year. 😭 We’re struggling on finding a cute middle name that goes well with her name, any suggestions! 😩❤️
Yaretzi _____ Hernandez

Re: Baby Girl Middle Name Help 👧🏻🎀😭

  • How about Grace? 
  • m2am2a member
    edited July 2022
    That’s such a pretty name! I think Yaretzi Catalea Hernandez has a nice ring to it. Catalea is type of orchid. Side note, it’s pronounced as Ka-ta-lea. I’ve heard people say Cat-a-lea and it’s not as pretty that way. Hope this help and best wishes to you momma to be!
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  • :) Beautiful name!
    I come from a family that got very creative with our names lol This one is very unique! Yaretzi Amore Hernandez ♥️
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