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first baby girl name!

my boyfriend and i have a name we’ve been set on for a while now, but we seem to be stuck on an order for the name.
the first name is ‘Kennedi’ and we would like to use both ‘Rose’ and ‘Elizabeth’ (important family names).
we’re stuck on how we want to do it, our options are:
Kennedi-Rose Elizabeth (his favourite)
Kennedi Rose Elizabeth (my favourite)
Kennedi Elizabeth Rose

can i have some opinions, please?

Re: first baby girl name!

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    I would go with Kennedy. If you plan for her first name to be Kennedy Rose I’d go with that a hyphen. Otherwise if it’s a 2 middle name situation I’d go no hyphen.
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    As someone who has lived with a "creatively" spelled name for 36 years I would spell it Kennedy. All of my siblings feel the same way. My sister even legally changed hers to be spelled properly.
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    I'll also go with Kennedy, because it's less confusing. If we talk about your options, I like Kennedi-Rose Elizabeth.
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    I agree and would spell as Kennedy. I like Kennedy Rose Elizabeth, without the hyphen
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    mb0112mb0112 member
    Kennedy Rose Elizabeth 

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    I love love love the name Kennedy! We like it a lot but don’t want to use it if ours is a girl because my name is Reagan and my husband thinks it would be too presidential lol. If you choose the I instead of Y at the end, just know that her whole life when she’s giving someone her name she’s gonna have to say “Kennedy with an I” or just have it constantly misspelled if she doesn’t specify… that being said, I like Kennedi Rose Elizabeth! I think placing the shorter “rose” between Elizabeth and Kennedy makes the whole name flow well. No hyphen though bc that would be an aggressively lengthy first name. 
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    Please don't try to be UnIQuE by spelling it with an I. I know a teenager whose mom thought it was Kool to spell her name "uniquely" and at the age of 14 she is legally getting it spelled correctly. 

    If you are looking for two middle names Kennedy Rose-Elizabeth.  If you are looking for a duel 1st name Kennedy-Rose Elizabeth would be your best bet.  

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