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Mama Mental Health Thread

Here’s a thread for us to check in with each other regarding our own sanity. 

This community has certainly done me well mentally, so let’s keep it up with a safe place to vent, support each other, and share tips that have helped you cope with the stress of a newborn. 

Re: Mama Mental Health Thread

  • saizbatsaizbat member
    @taylorharris0522 I can understand how that feels. My son has a tongue tie and hasn't been able to latch, so I'm just pumping to give him breastmilk by bottle. The task of washing the pump parts and then pumping and then feeding, with no help except my husband's,  along with the pain of not being able to bond over breast feeding is hurting me so much. Also worried about his future with the tongue tie. Trying to be grateful that at least he is getting my milk. I guess we need to keep looking at the positives but also let out a cry when needed.
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  • @taylorharris0522  I totally get this…we had to supplement with DD1 because she wouldn’t latch. The first little while is pretty hard to adjust, when you’re coming from expecting to be able to nurse. BUT. Formula is 100% fine, and you’re still able to bond with baby (try feeding while doing skin to skin - that helps a ton!). Remind yourself that you are doing what is best for your baby. 
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