2nd Trimester

I’m. So. HUNGRY!!

I will be 14 weeks on Tuesday. This is baby #2 for me. I have been SO hungry since week 5. I wasn’t able to eat much for weeks but at week 12 food was finally normal to me again and i could eat whatever i wanted. I just cannot get full. Like ever. I’m trying to drink water to help fill me up but nothing seems to be doing the trick. I am not trying to deprive myself so I’ll eat when I’m hungry but nervous to gain a ton of weight. Anyone else like this?!

Re: I’m. So. HUNGRY!!

  • I’ve been like this on and off! Some days I have just an insatiable appetite, like nothing makes me feel full. Thankfully since entering second trimester I haven’t been craving so much, so I can at least fill up on healthier snacks haha.
  • arimeloarimelo member
    Same here, I’m 26 weeks now and need food constantly, but trying to balance my diet and go for healthy snacks when possible - not always easy bc I really enjoy my chocolate lol. Smoothies have been my go to because they’re filling with lots of nutrients;)
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  • kh7487kh7487 member
    Hi ladies! Thanks for your responses. I am 17 weeks now and thankfully the insatiable hunger has subsided for the most part! Phew! 😅
  • @kh7487 I had an intense/distracting level of hunger from 5-11ish weeks. Now, it has mostly subsided and I just eat the usual sustaining snacks throughout the day. It's definitely not as intense as it was in the very beginning.

    Good luck with you!  
  • For the first 4.5 months I wasn't eating very much because I was so nauseous and throwing up a lot, but since that subsided, for the last 2 weeks or so I am also constantly hungry! Like to the point of feeling super weak and kind of sick. Every time I eat, I still feel hungry after! I'm so afraid that I'm going to gain a bunch of weight because my BMI is already too high to start. So you are definitely not alone! 
  • kh7487kh7487 member
    Welp ladies I’m back at 22 weeks with the insatiable hunger 😂 I’m actually ok during the day but at night time… i can’t get full. Like another poster said it makes me feel almost sick if i don’t eat. I’ve gained 20 lbs so far this pregnancy. Wonder how much I’ll gain overall lol i don’t care as long as me and baby are healthy 🙂 butttt would love to just eat a meal and feel full!
  • I've had a couple bouts of insatiable hunger too!  First at about 5 weeks, then again around 17.  I think my problem was reaching for cravings (chips and chocolate, lol) and forgetting to eat enough protein.  That's helped a lot.  But I still eat more than almost anyone I know, haha!  I trust it'll all work out!
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