1st Trimester

Clear blue digital

I know I should stop testing. But I have been feeling anxious so I thought today I would do a clear blue digital. 
I should be just over 6 weeks today. I know the day I conceived because we didn’t have sex any other time. 
On Monday it showed 3+ weeks. 
But today it’s gone back to 2-3. 
This is really bad isn’t it. 😣 
I wish I never tested. I got my second HCG levels done today so waiting for those results. 
My first HCG on Monday was 2600. 

Re: Clear blue digital

  • Please stop testing and see what the numbers say.  Sorry, that's all I can tell you. 
  • We don’t have those kind of digital tests in the US so I don’t have any experience using them, but it’s not an exact science the way that a blood test is. I know it’s hard but try not to panic until you get your next HCG result, it’s really the only definitive way to know what’s going on. I hope you see a nice rise. 
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  • Like @coco2787 said, concentrations of HCG in urine are less exact (think of how you’re supposed to test in the morning after so the HCG is most concentrated, and how drinking too much water before testing can dilute it). Trust the blood test to give you the right information. ❤️
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