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Hello fellow July mamas!
I am on my 3rd pregnancy with my last pregnancy being 3 years ago. I do not remember ever having cheek acne like I have now with my other 2 pregnancies (1st child=boy, 2nd child=girl). I am desperate for products that are pregnancy safe and effective. Any suggestions? I should note: my husband and I have surprise babies-so we don’t know the gender of this baby until birth but I have been told this is a problem when expecting a girl.

Re: Pregnancy Acne

  • There is very little you can do. I get really bad cystic acne while pregnant. I once had one INSIDE my ear! Cleanse, spot treat, and moisturize. I like hydrocolloidal patches. Be careful of over drying or exfoliating your skin in an effort to treat acne, that can make it worse.
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  • Thank you for your reply! I do think I am actually increasing my problem with too much scrubbing and overuse of clay masks. I am going to try to lay off and switch moisturizers.
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  • Definitely moisturize daily, or do morning and night if your skin is dry. I have fairly dry skin and my acne is worse when I don’t moisturize because the patches of dry skin block my pores. My OB says salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide products are fine to use in pregnancy — just no retinols/retinoids. I second the hydrocolloid patches too. Love those! 

    With my first baby I had absolutely gorgeous glowing skin and perfect hair. With this baby I have super terrible acne and my hair is so blah and lifeless. Both babies are boys. 

    It’s really so true that every pregnancy can be very different. This one I also had awful nausea that I didn’t have with my first, and my first baby’s heart rate was always around 140-145 and so far this one has been 160-165. 
  • I use the ordinary’s azelaic acid during the day with an spf gentle moisturizer, and at night I use Belli’s spot treatment to dry out my breakout spots, and a vitamin c night mask moisturizer. I was trying to go without a spot treatment because the Ingredients tend to be controversial or not agreed upon for all docs, but Belli brand is specifically designed for pregnancy safe and has made a difference in being able to dry up my breakouts. It smells a little bit because of the sulphur but after the first use it stopped bothering me at all and I was already used to it. And it gets the job done so it’s worth it lol 
  • I have been getting facials once a month for almost a year. I have been since i got pregnant bc my schedule just didn’t work out well but i can tell i need one. I’m 11wks 4days and feel my skin starting to get oily and angry lol i have an appt for tomorrow! I would try them. They helped clear up my horrible hormonal acne before i was pregnant. Just mention to your aesthetician that you are pregnant so they don’t use anything that’s not safe for baby. 
  • I've been using the ordinary azelaic too, but it doesn't seem to do anything... I've always had zits(mainly my chin) pre pregnancy but now they are kind of everywhere... I just ordered that Belli's someone mentioned and will try that too! I will say I'm not a great face washer and don't have a great routine...
  • This is my first pregnancy and I have bad cystic acne too! I brought it up to my dr and she actually gave me a prescription for clindamycin. It’s been easy on my skin and has helped a lot. I still get some breakouts but it’s WAY better than before
  • Hi! I’m an esthetician so I help with this! I have been experiencing the same thing and have a ton of pregnant clients with terrible acne. Tea tree  can help, anything cleansers with fruit enzymes can help and are natural exfoliators that help get rid of acne. Also all my clients do pregnant safe chemical peels and their acne clears up! Everytime i breakout I do a peel and it leaves! Find an esthetian in your area and ask about pregnancy safe chemical peels 
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