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March: what my pregnant self is eating

Just realized we didn't make the switch to March for this thread.


Re: March: what my pregnant self is eating

  • Give me all the soft solids! Mashed Potatoes, pudding, rainbow sherbet. 🌈 🍨 
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  • @fromfurmomtobabymom8-2 that looks soooo good! I'm about to make a baked potato for myself. I love fish Fridays! If I could chew, I'd be chomping on some fried up fish right now. Yum yum! 
  • I’ve also been enjoying normal dinners, but not yet experiencing cravings. I’m able to have a serving of dessert without feeling so nauseous after! 
  • We took a day trip over to Savannah GA yesterday and I got a po boy for lunch that I’ve been dreaming about since the last time we were there! And some fried green tomatoes!
  • I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes ( insulin resistance due to PCOS)

    Now my diet is pretty bland due to all the carb counting :(

    Had toast with cheese and a Greek yogurt for breakfast.

    Any ladies have yummy food suggestions so I can survive the next 24 weeks?
  • @lapizsk ugh I'm so sorry to hear that. can you try avocado toast for some healthy fat? I also like eggs with avocado on the side with some fruit. A snack could be pitted dates with butter and some almonds (my most fave snack ever!)

    I worked with a hormone coach for about a year before I got pregnant. I learned to have a protein, fat, and carb at each meal/snack. I'm no expert but balancing blood sugar is something I've learned is super important, especially in gals with PCOS. 
  • Ugh I feel for you @lapizsk I had GD with my first pregnancy (maybe still will with this one too). For breakfast, I really enjoyed kodiak pancakes - they are protein pancakes and come in various delicious flavors! Other days, I made scrambles with eggs, bacon or ham, cheese and lots of veggies. I found a lot of GD recipes on Pinterest last time around. 
  • @twizzleraddict1 you have a PM. Also you have an invite for the PG
  • @lapizsk Sorry you have to deal with that!! It’s easy to think of all the foods you can’t have instead of the ones you can. I don’t have a lot of ideas off hand, but maybe stuffed peppers would be a yummy dinner option? The content can be adapted. I like cream cheese, diced tomato, taco meat, black beans, and rice in them! Especially baked with cheese on top! I normally Quarter the peppers and bake them like boats. Pinterest is probably a good idea! Or listing things you can have that you enjoy for a quick reference when shopping! 
    (ALSO OBLIGATORY WALL OF TEXT DISCLAIMER - I got excited cus I can actually maybe help, I’m sorry!) 

    I was tracking and monitoring carbs for about 10 months last year for weight-loss reasons, and honestly plan to go back to some of the things I made for dinner once I feel like cooking again! I miss a lot of the stuff we ate. Breakfast is my biggest struggle bus, but lunch and dinner is actually really easy. Mission’s carb balance tortillas make great wraps for, like, everything. Breakfast burritos, ham and cheese wraps at lunch (which are easily heated up if you want to depending on your lunch room situation), “pizza-dillas” with a little bit of pepperoni, spaghetti sauce, and mozzarella in a skillet for a snack, any sort of taco-ey thing. I also found that frozen cauliflower “rice” made a FABULOUS fried rice sort of thing, with whatever protein you want, plus some frozen mixed veg, soy sauce and a little sesame oil. Rao’s pasta sauces are delicious, and significantly lower-carb than other options, and Barilla has a “protein plus” pasta that is very reasonable carb-wise. Refrigerator-section stuffed fresh pasta is also generally lower carb than dry noodles and more filling to boot. If you REALLY wanna go crazy one day, heart-of-palm “pasta” is tasty, spaghetti squash is good, veggie “noodles” are okay, but shirataki noodles are disgusting and terrible and gross, so stay away from those. Sweet Baby Ray’s bbq sauce has a lower carb “Ray’s” brand that I honestly cannot tell the difference from his signature. Salsa poured over shredded rotisserie chicken (or I guess you could bake your own chicken if you want) with some cheese and sour cream on top is DELICIOUS and so easy. Chicken salad (also from rotisserie chicken, I am lazy) is naturally pretty low carb and delicious, especially if it’s stuffed in a tomato when it starts getting hot outside. Spices and seasonings almost never have any carbs (unless you buy premade mixes, and even those are fairly negligible), which is great because you can do SO MUCH with some basic stuff and get your carbs in somewhere else. Berries are good healthy-carb fruits to snack on. Avocados are supposedly good too (I wouldn’t know, I don’t like them). Lots of veggies are good, although the sweeter ones like onions and corn tend to be higher carb and so you wanna go with those more sparingly. Carrot chips and hummus is oddly satisfying. Potatoes are actually not TERRIBLE if you pay attention to serving sizes, but I did stay away from them a lot just because I love potatoes and eat them like I don’t believe they have serving sizes. 

    I do think I read somewhere that you want to stay away from sugar subs during pregnancy, so that’s something to be aware of, and I’ll check some of the things I mentioned today (specifically Sweet Baby Ray’s alt brand) to see if they are maybe not so great now. That also means “sugar free” options are supposedly not great? I’ll reiterate here that I am not a doctor and if your doctor says they’re fine then feel free to ignore me because I don’t know anything about anything. 

    Also I THINK most of the brand-name items I mentioned are nationally available within the US, but your mileage may vary. 

    The thing I learned the most is that counting carbs does not have to mean bland. It just means you gotta be a little creative, and honestly the biggest challenge for me was adjusting to protein-heavy breakfast options instead of carb-heavy ones. 

  • So far I've been gravitating towards cold items, particularly fruit, juices, yogurts, etc. Haven't had any real cravings really. However I had a HUGE craving for ringdings/dingdongs yesterday, I think partly because my blood sugar may have been bit  low as I was craving sugar and a little shakey* so I ran to the store and got me some   :)

    *So I have not yet taken to GD test yet but I've had these occasional episodes prior to being pregnant. I half wonder if I may be hypoglycemic or a degree of it. I also have suspected/unconfirmed PCOS so I think it's possible there may actually be something to it. I did not have GD with Dd1 but I am also a lot older now and a little bigger than I was then and I know those tend to increase the likelihood of developing it. I can't say I would be surprised if I did. Will just have to wait and see.
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  • Apples with peanut butter. I don't know why but I'm obsessed. I have at least 2 apples a day (because my daughter never finishes hers lol) and one of them is always loaded with peanut butter, yum! also love Starburst jellybeans, I buy a bag a week, whoops lol. Going to have to stock up before Easter. Baby LOVES PIZZA. I feel the most movement when eating a slice. Could also be he loves the gas the cheese causes lol *facepalm*
  • I’ve been craving lunch meat. I love turkey sandwiches. So my sister pointed out that it’s safe to eat in panini form so I’m getting me a panini press. 
  • Sorry for the late response, and thank you everyone for the suggestions.

    Pinterest has been very helpful, also nutritional values posted by main chain restaurants for the days when I didn't feel like cooking. Aside from having a little trouble with breakfast and finding low carb to-go snacks... I have been pretty well.

    Portion control is the biggest part of carb counting, and I find out pretty quickly if I've eaten too much or not enough, since OB is having me check my levels 4 times a day.

    I appreciate all the responses, even though I haven't had time to reply right away. Your advice and suggestions have been wonderful and helpful.

    I go in for my ultrasound and check up in a few hours. Fingers crossed 🤞 that I have managed to avoid getting put on insulin until baby is born.

    Thank you again ladies. 💓 
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