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Sister for Mackenzie

Looking for thoughts on a sister for Mackenzie. We love longer names with nick names (Kenzie). Considering Emerson (Emmie), Margaret (Maggie) or Delainey (Lainey). But not sure we love any of them… 

Re: Sister for Mackenzie

  • Alexandria (Alex)
    Allison (Alli)
    Magnolia (Maggie)
    Alexis (Ali)
    Makayla (Kay or kayla)
    Lenora (Leah or Norah)
    Selena (Lena)
    McKenna (Kenna)
    Selena (lena)
    Gertrude (trudy)
    Eleonora (Nora or Ele)

  • Francesca (Frankie)
    Cassandra (Cassie or Sandy)
    Samantha (Sam)
    Penelope (Penny)
    Jacqueline (Jackie)
    Isabella (Izzy)
    Abagail (Abby)
    Dorothy (Dottie)
    Genevieve (Jenny)
    Vivienne (Vivi)
    Josephine (Jo/Josie/Joey)

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