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Skipping Baby Shower?

When I first found out I was pregnant with my first I was really excited about eventually having a baby shower, but now that I’m 26 weeks not sure if I want one anymore due to recent events. My dad was recently hospitalized and my sister (who had previously offered to host) and I are in the process of getting him moved into an assisted living facility and selling his current house which is going to take up a good chunk of time. I know my sister is already super stressed and frazzled with getting everything in order for my dad (she has been doing the vast majority of work) and she already has a ton on her plate as a mom to a 2.5 and 4.5-year old. 

My hubby and I both make good money so we don’t need help buying things, especially since I’m already getting a ton of hand-me-down stuff from my sister, and I’ve been scoring good second-hand deals on Facebook marketplace. I’m a little sad because we are only having one child and it would have been fun to have an excuse to have a party with friends, but it just seems way too daunting right now. 

Did any of you ladies skip a baby shower for your first? 

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    I would talk to her and gauge her reaction. She may be relieved or she may be looking forward to celebrating something with all the hardship. It doesn’t have to be big, a park picnic with grocery store sandwiches and cake, or even just a casual lunch to celebrate. But I would at least talk to her first.
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    Tell me if the stylish Astroworld hat is suitable for a newborn child throughout the winter.
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