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Grandma doesn't like the name

My name is Margaret but I go by Maggie. Me and my husband really want to name our daughter Magnolia. But my mom doesn't like it because she thinks everyone will just call her Maggie. But I don't see a problem with that. Plus we like the nickname Nolie. 

Re: Grandma doesn't like the name

  • It’s not grandma’s baby so she doesn’t get a vote. Fwiw, I know 2 Magnolia/Maggie’s but I think if they know they go by Nolie it would t be a problem.
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    I think she had her chance to name children already and should mind her own business. I love Magnolia and think if you call her Nolie, that will be her nickname. 
    My mom named my brother Andrew hating the nn Andy and guess what? No one has ever called him Andy. He is only Andrew. 

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  • That's a good point. Our little girl can be called whatever she wants to be called. 
  • What about all the men with their dad's/grandpa's/etc name? Like John Sr. and John Jr. It's similar yet totally not a problem to have the same name like that.

    So what if your daughter ends up going by Maggie then that's what she goes by. Maybe for family you have additional identifiers to differntiate between you (like Momma Maggie and Little Maggie) if it's really that big of a problem.

    My older sister and I are a year and a half apart in age and would often have the same teachers in school. Our PE teacher in 7th/8th grade would call my sister Big (last name) and me Little (last name) even though we have completely different first names.
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  • I LOVE the name Magnolia. If you call her Nolie, she’ll go by the nickname Nolie.
  • Exactly! I don't see a problem with calling her little Maggie. And to be honest, it's very hard to please my mom anyways. She finds a reason to not like any name. Before we knew the gender we threw around the idea of Wesley for a boy and she didn't even like that, for no good reason.
  • A friend has a Magnolia and calls her Nola, so there are plenty of nickname options! Not her kid, so her opinion really is relevant. 
  • It sounds like perhaps you should keep your name choices from her until you’ve settled on one you love. I think she’s lost the privilege of that information.
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  • Literally what everyone else has said. 
  • It's a beautiful name. We have a friend with that name and she goes by Nolia too. There is also Lia ❤️
  • I've learned that whatever nickname you think you might call your kid based off their name is not necessarily what you'll call them. Literally none of my kids ended up with the nicknames we thought of before hand. Not a single one. 
    Mags is also cute for Magnolia. It's such a beautiful name. It's on my middle name list.
  • I love it. This is your baby, not hers. My grandmother also made the comment that she didn't like a name we had in mind. My response wasn't very nice, but it was necessary because she was being rude about it and said she wouldn't call the baby that. "You'll show some respect and call my child by their name or you won't be talking to them." Some controlling family members need a reminder that we're adults now.
  • I love the name and nickname! If you and your husband like it that is all that matters. Everyone is so opinionated when it comes to names and other people's decisions in parenting... But you're the parents! I had a hard time with opinions too so I totally get it. This time around (2nd child) I don't care what anyone but my husband and I think.
  • Also, Mags is another great nickname! LOVE Nolie though 🤗
  • I think Nolie totally goes and has the potential to stick. I know an Adelaide and parents already had an "Addie" in the family. She is Adele if anyone nicknames, it has not been a problem. Also, in relation to Magnolia I know a Nicola that is called Nola. So Nola or Nolie are totally making sense to me for Magnolia. I'm a teacher so I am around names and kids a lot. 
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