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Fit Mom Friday 1/14

Fit Mom Friday is a fun way to help us on our healthy pregnancy goals. Fit is whatever it means to you!

Health/Fitness Goal (and why, if you want to share): 

Week's Successes:

Week's Challenges: 

GTKY: What’s a pet peeve you would make illegal if you could?

Re: Fit Mom Friday 1/14

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    Health/Fitness Goal (and why, if you want to share): Exercise 3-5x/week… Not so much to stay fit anymore but to just move my body so I feel better (and I think sleep better sometimes?) and make L&D and recovery easier

    Week's Successes: Worked out in some shape or form 5 days this week! I’m alternating my low-impact cardio-strength days with yoga days and so far so good. 

    Week's Challenges: Bending over is getting tough! My prenatal yoga classes have great modifications for bigger bellies but whew, forward folds and putting on my socks are getting challenging.

    GTKY: What’s a pet peeve you would make illegal if you could? Talking on your phone on speaker in public. Why do people do this?? It’s not hands-free, you still have to hold the phone up to your face to talk into it, I just get to hear two loud annoying voices instead of one now. 
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    Health/Fitness Goal (and why, if you want to share): Eat nutritious foods and perform the prenatal exercises to best prepare my body for labor and birth.

    Week's Successes: Not much to report here— I’m out of commission this week. 😷 🤧 Besides doing some gentle yoga stretches in bed when I wake up and sitting on my yoga ball once a day to switch things up, my daily workout has been the walk between my bed, the couch, and the bathroom. 👍 And believe me, right now that is totally a workout!

    Week's Challenges: My life for the last week has been eating comfort foods, laying on the couch with a blanket, and reading the mountain of pregnancy books my mom gave me. But I’m hoping this weekend I’ll feel up to taking a walk outside with hubby!

    GTKY: What’s a pet peeve you would make illegal if you could? People chewing their nails has always driven me bonkers. It totally grosses me out— especially when they spit the nails out! 🤢

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    @minnie_yoga_mama I’m so glad to hear you’ve been able to rest! I’ve been thinking about you and hoping you’ve been doing okay. 
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    Health/Fitness Goal (and why, if you want to share): keep moving

    Week's Successes: 2 workouts 

    Week's Challenges: glucose test at the beginning of the week wiped me out for a day, and then my iron levels came back low so I had this mental “well that’s why I’m tired, I can just take it easy…” 

    GTKY: What’s a pet peeve you would make illegal if you could? Illegal sounds a bit extreme, but I can’t stand key changes. They give me this very visceral, awful feeling. (And I’m not all that musical so it’s possible there are subtle ones out there I don’t notice) But my H, who is much more musically minded, thinks it’s hilarious and loves to watch my reaction. Ugh. I cringe just thinking about it. 
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    @aloha_mama Thank you for thinking of me! ❤️ It’s actually been really nice to have forced downtime because I’ve read through so many pregnancy/labor books, learned a mountain of info about birth I had no clue about prior, written my birth plan for hospital staff, and written our personal “Birth Gameplan” I’m calling it— our own step by step guide to positioning/pain relief, “troubleshooting,” etc. during each stage, along with our hospital bag checklist.

    Although I think the kid is going stir crazy in there. He literally can’t sit still, probably wondering why his mom suddenly became a couch potato and stopped rocking him to sleep all the time. 😆

    Also I’m with you on the speaker phone— it happens wayyy more than it should. 🤦🏽‍♀️

    @bluecampanula Your aversion to key changes made me laugh. 😂 Especially since so many artists use them to make their songs sound catchier! Bo Burnham also makes fun of it in some of his spoof songs in his comedy specials!
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