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re:coconut oil/TMI post and pelvic pain

i am a PT that works in women's health.  some things to try if you are still having pain from birth:  1.  Kegel exercises to help bring blood flow to the area  2.  Scar massage/mobilization-use massage oil (earth mama angel baby has a great oil) and gently massage the painful tissue.  this helps to loosen the adhesions that are causing the pain during sex.

 if pain continues, contact a women's health PT in your area- you may need more intevention (manual work, exercises, etc).  No one should be in pain during sex, especially since it is supposed to be a pleasureable experience!


Re: re:coconut oil/TMI post and pelvic pain

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    I seriously appreciate this TMI PSA-

    I have thought on occasion that perhaps I got put back together wrong- I supposedly just had some slight tearing- I know I got a little stitched up, but I didn't have to have an epis.  I was too chicken to look at the area until I was like 6 wks pp, because I was terrified.


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    Daisy - I've thought the same as well. I was told at the time that I had two mild tears but then it seemed like she kept finding things as she got into it but didn't elaborate. Since ds was 10.5, 23"  and 97% for head circumference I've always wondered just how much actual damage was done down there. Thus the pain during sex that I had for so long. It's mostly gone away but every now and again it pops back up.

    Thanks Rach for the information - I should give kegels more of a chance but I can never figure those stupid things out!

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    PS- if you go to a women's health PT, they can do therapeutic ultrasound to break up the scar tissue too...just FYI
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