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May 2022 Moms

Product Spotlight: Baby Carriers!

Share what has worked and what has not.

Favorite brand? 

How long did you bay carry?

We want to hear it all! 

Re: Product Spotlight: Baby Carriers!

  • pajamstagramspajamstagrams member
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    We have 3 different kinds, and I believe they are all good for different stages. I think I the last time I used a carrier (my tula) DD was 13 months, and we only used because we were traveling (LOVED it for the airport) and did a "hiking" type activity where strollers weren't allowed. 

    ETA: we weren't big baby wearers in general. I much prefer a stroller. Mostly we wore during family holiday gatherings so we didn't have to hold DD and had our hands free. It's a great alternative if, like me, you dread the idea of "pass the baby" because overstimulation (+germs) is a real thing. 

    I liked the wrap types (the huge long piece of fabric) for itty bitty newborns. I have a Solly wrap. 

    I also have a Boppy comfy fit soft structured carrier. This was DH's favorite because he could (mostly) put on himself. 
    Finally, I have a Tula free to grow. I like this for when they get a bit heavier. Can use on your front(baby has to face inward though, cannot face out with the free to grow), or on your back. I don't think I ever used on my back because i never felt comfortable putting her there. 

    LSS, there are tons of options. Go in store and try them out if you can. Research everything about them, so you know weight limits, and baby-facing limitations (ie can they face out or only face in?).
  • I have a Lillibaby that I really liked for things like longer shopping trips or walks/hikes. I found that a lot of the hyped wrap style carriers did not work for my body type (big chested and broad shoulders). I could never get it secure enough to be comfortable actually moving around with them so it kinda defeats the purpose. We used the Lillibaby until DS was about 15 months old and got too heavy to be lugging him around
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  • I wanted so badly to do the wrap carrier last time but was so intimidated by the whole process. I know that this time i will need to invest in one as my hands will also be tied up with an almost 4 year old and i cannot always hold the baby. 

    I ended up using the most basic and cheap carrier from target - Infantino flip 4-in-1 for $25. It did the job as we only used it for walks around the neighborhood and to walk around house at night. 

  • I wanted to baby wear more but with covid we hardly left the house and it was much easier to just put the carseat into the stroller when we did. I had a solly baby wrap that I got because I read somewhere it was one of the lighter weight ones and DD was born in July. It was nice but DD wasn’t very patient with me while I tried to figure it out, so we didn’t use it much. I also have a Lille baby carrier that I liked since it was structured, but I found it near impossible to get it buckled and unbuckled myself. Again I didn’t use it regularly. I made the mistake of bringing it to use in the airport when we traveled in June, and DD (was 11m at the time) was so pissed off since she wasn’t used to it at all. 

     I would like to baby wear more this time around so that I can still play and do stuff with DD so I need to figure out one or the other. I guess probably the wrap carrier more at first since I know I can do it myself once I figure out how to wrap it haha 
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  • I have a deuter for hiking that my DD absolutely loves. It is on the pricier side but we have used it so much that I feel like for us it’s worth it. We also have an off brand baby carrier for more everyday wear but she wasn’t as big of a fan of that once out of the little baby stage that we didn’t use it too much after 5 months.
  • happynapperhappynapper member
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    I have I have a boba wrap that neither of the girls liked when they were newborns. 
    When my 2nd was 3 months old I got a Happy Baby carrier (and now have 2 more). I haven’t tried any other soft structured carriers but I do love the HBC’s that I have. They have several styles and also a toddler size. They are linen carriers so they are nice and lightweight and come in beautiful colors that are released by season. For a while they were very hard to come by (a small husband and wife company that blew up suddenly) but I think they’ve ramped up production to be more available. They hold their value extremely well for eventual resale.

    They also have a very active B/S/T group on FB for anyone in the market for past season colors and gently used carriers.

    ETA I am short and not very strong, I have a history of a ruptured lumbar disc and these carriers did not cause me any problems with my back. I wore her outside and into stores until she was almost 3 yr/30lb and could definitely still wear her in the toddler carrier (up to 60 lb) if I wasn’t pregnant (just bc of where the waistband sits)
  • I got a few different carriers as hand me downs and liked them for different things. I loved the boba wrap for the newborn stage (although it was slightly too stretchy). I used an Ergo baby or Gemini when he got a little older. The Gemini could do a front facing forward carry which I liked. Since he was probably a year and a bit we've had him in ergo for back carrying (but I do find it difficult to get on). For hiking we have a Kelty base camp which is great.

    I might look into getting a ring sling for this time around, and possibly something linen (ds was born in December, but the boba might be a bit warm for summer.
  • I used an Ergo constantly. There is an NB insert you have to get for when they’re really little. We took tons of walks so this was great. Easy on and off. 

    I do wish I had a cloth wrap for home (it would be more cozy). I found a ring sling at a garage sale so we’ll give that a try. I did try the Solly wrap and did not like all the effort it took to get on (especially since baby wants to eat constantly and I was always taking it off). 
  • I had an ergo with both but it’s just SO HOT here I never could enjoy it at all. DH actually used it more than me LOL! 
    I have seen ads for those Lalabu shirts and kinda want to splurge on one bc they look so comfortable and inviting. 
  • @happynapper, that is super helpful. Those look like they have a good mix of structure without being too heavyweight.

    I had a Lillebaby, both the structured one and the wrap. I only went with that one because I got them for free at a baby show (it pays to stay until the end😉). DS was not a fan of the wrap, plus it was tough to get it on and feel secure. The structured one was ok but I really preferred the stroller. I don't know that there's an issue with the product. I just wasn't a huge fan.

    Like many of you, I'm hoping to baby wear more this time because I will be caring for DS and this little one. 
  • We have a few different carriers. I picked up a sling that was on super sale just recently, so have never used that one and can’t comment on it.

    I have one of the big confusing wraps. I tried it with a stuffed animal before my first babes was born to get comfortable with it and loved it. I used it so much with DD1 and once we got the hang of it, it wasn’t intimidating or confusing anymore :) I have bad shoulders so minimized carrying the car seat around and would pre-tie this on me, go to the grocery store or wherever and then unload her from the car and stuff her in. Kept her close, she usually slept and kept nosy strangers from getting too close. I also used it regularly for walks until she was about 3-4 months old and it was great for puttering around the house because she wanted to be held all.the.time and Mama’s got stuff to do! I wore it less with my second because she was more entertained by her big sister and slept SO much as an infant. And we hardly went to stores because of covid. It was great for walks though. I’d wear the baby and put the toddler in the stroller. Our stroller doesn’t accommodate newborns. Stopped using it for walks when the girls were both about 3-4 months old because they could hold their heads up and we were in the heat of summer and it was HOT!

    I have a Gemini structured carrier I use from about 4 months until about a year for outtings and travel. Baby can face in when they’re smaller and out when they’re bigger. It can also back-carry but I never used that feature as I couldn’t get the girls in by myself. Caution on facing out: DD1 was too small when we put her out facing the first time and the chest piece came up to her chin. She chewed and sucked on it, getting it all wet. Then she fell asleep and the motion of her bobbing while I walked chaffed her chin and cheeks terribly!! We were a lot more aware of that with DD2 and never had an issue. I don’t really baby wear past a year because I make chunky babies and again, with my shoulder issues, they get too heavy for me to baby-wear for long periods of time without getting a migraine from it.

    Finally, we have a Phil & Ted’s hiking carrier for when they’re over a year to about 3. It could still technically fit our oldest, but she likes to walk/run on her own. Hubby doesn’t like the other carriers but he likes this one and knows that if I wear too long my shoulders ache, so we share its responsibilities and it easily fits both of us with only quick, minor adjustments. 
  • We have a Tula - free to grow- that we've used with both kids and loved.  Its great because you don't need any inserts like the ergo when the baby is super tiny.  I also have a ring sling I like for quick carries in the house once baby has head control as they could be more on the hip than right in front but I could never get comfortable for long carries with it.  

    Once kids were big enough and had enough body control to sit up, I found an easy method to get them in the tula and then onto my back and I would babywear constantly because it was a safe way to keep baby happy while I made dinner or took care of my toddler.
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