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Fit Mom Friday 11/26

Fit Mom Friday is a fun way to help us on our healthy pregnancy goals. Fit is whatever it means to you!

Health/Fitness Goal (and why, if you want to share): 

Week's Successes:

Week's Challenges: 

GTKY: Favorite movie/TV show exercise moment! 

Re: Fit Mom Friday 11/26

  • Just gonna keep posting these in the hopes more people will eventually join!

    Health/Fitness Goal (and why, if you want to share): Exercise in some shape or form 3-5x a week to prepare for L&D and an easier recovery.

    Week's Successes: Three workouts! Yay! I mostly use Daily Burn for my exercise because I have a hard time working out on my own. They just added a program for second, third, and fourth trimesters, and I did the first two workouts this week as well as one of DB’s prenatal yoga practices. The new program focuses a lot on explaining how to move safely and breathe to brace the core and pelvic floor, and I’ve been using it in my daily activities as well. 

    Week's Challenges: I’m with my parents and while I love it here, it’s so easy to just relax on the couch all day long and have them bring me food and water while DD6 amuses herself with all the toys they’ve stocked up for her (I won’t see her for hours). Somehow it takes more motivation to work out than in our own house! 

    GTKY: Favorite movie/TV show exercise moment! I don’t know if this counts but I always love a good dance transformation sequence. The one that comes to mind first is Dirty Dancing where Johnny and Baby are taking secret dance classes together and she’s practicing on the bridge and in the woods/lake. I wish I could move like that!
  • Health/Fitness Goal (and why, if you want to share): stay active to minimize extra weight gain and make labor easier

    Week's Successes: I hiked with the fam on Sunday, ran 2 miles on Tuesday, and ran a 10K turkey trot yesterday. And I’m about to go Black Friday shopping. Does that count as a workout? 😂

    Week's Challenges: This week actually went pretty well for me, no complaints. 

    GTKY: Favorite movie/TV show exercise moment! I love a good workout montage, but I am having trouble thinking of a specific favorite right now. I’ll think and come back!
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  • @monstera13 Black Friday TOTALLY counts, my heart starts racing just thinking about it 😂 Bam, cardio!
  • Health/Fitness Goal (and why, if you want to share): Eat healthy and stay fit by keeping up my 4x/week home yoga practice and daily walks during lunch to prepare my body for labor and birth!

    Week's Successes: Not much to report this week. 🙈 Unfortunately with it being a holiday week, I’m totally out of my routine and only got 1 yoga practice and 3 lunchtime walks in, but I’ll take that over nothing! More of a success though— I finally met our pelvic floor PT at one of our other clinics and we spent 45 minutes going through exercises and techniques to help prevent diastasis recti, further SI joint dysfunction, tearing during birth, and more! She did a full assessment of my range of motion and strength and gave me some really good core strengthening exercises that are safe to practice through pregnancy. I was shocked at how difficult it was to perform simple muscle contractions of specific core muscles while exhaling— when you’re targeting the correct muscles that are weak, it’s a huge challenge!! I’ve been trying to do them now any time I think of it while sitting or laying down somewhere.

    Week's Challenges: It’s so hard to get in regular workouts when you’re out of your routine. I’m hoping since we have some time off though maybe I’ll able to get in some more fun workouts this week like hiking or kayaking!

    GTKY: Favorite movie/TV show exercise moment! As a therapist, my favorite that comes to mind is the scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 where the dad is at his PT appointment doing exercises with a bunch of other old men— as soon the coast is clear and the PT leaves the room, they all go “phew!” and stop their exercises and effort. 😂 It made me seriously LOL because I know this happens if I’m not watching my patients do their exercises!

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