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FFFC - 11/12 (Duplicate, IGNORE!)

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Posting this selfishly as I have a Flame Free Friday Confession  >:)

Re: FFFC - 11/12 (Duplicate, IGNORE!)

  • We have a FFFC thread started for today already!
  • My husband and I are both brutal busy at work today (we WFH and share an office). When he's in a hurry and not paying attention he tends to eat really loudly. Today he was eating at his desk and smacking his lips, burping, breathing loudly, banking his fork, etc. All while I'm trying to concentrate on this complicated excel file. 

    So instead of murdering him I put on my headphones and turned up the volume all the way. But that meant I couldn't hear the child whenever he needed more snacks/water/etc. Didn't feel bad at all.  :D
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  • @aloha_mama oh no!! I swear I looked but I missed it! Sorry ladies!
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