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GTKY: Holiday Traditions

With so many different holidays approaching, what are some of your favorite traditions/religious customs/special events you share with friends and family? 

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  • I made this one last week for GTKY Tuesday and completely forgot about it! I guess maybe no one wanted to answer lol! 
    My favorite traditions for Christmas are decorating the tree with some eggnog and jamming to the Christmas m music, making and decorating sugar cookies with my kids, driving around with hot chocolate and looking at Christmas lights, and every year our Christmas dinner is prime rib. 

    Summertime is also a favorite tradition with a family beach trip to FL every year. We always have a sandcastle building contest, go out at least once for dinner so DH can get oysters which are his fave, and let the kids wander the souvenir shop for a treat. 💜 When Hurricane Ida hit us this summer we evacuated to the beach and ended up having to stay for over 2 weeks until the power came back at home. That beach evacuation trip was actually when I got KTFU with this baby. 
  • Totally forgot about this one too! 

    DH and I normally go out to my family's beach house for New Year's Eve and we love getting to spend quality time together. It's on a very small island so most things are closed, but that makes it feel even more intimate. Sadly we're not going this year due to my friend's 30th birthday, but looking forward to bringing our baby boy out there next year! 
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  • @karisahamdi that sounds like so much fun!! 
  • I missed this last week, too! And I'm just catching up on the board after being MIA for a few days. For the past 10+ years, my friend and I have hosted a "Little Women" holiday party where we drink a metric ton of wassail (sadly none for me this year), watch the 1994 version and snark about Amy, and have a crafting competition. Last year was virtual but now we're all vaccinated so we're looking forward to doing it in person again, this time with stocking decorating (provided said stockings arrive on time). 
  • @bababatty omgosh this sounds like SOOO much fun and I love that movie!!! 
  • @MrsLaLaBug It's such a good movie!! I never get tired of watching it. My friend and I started the tradition in grad school and now it's moved onto a whole new group of friends. I'm happy that she and I ended up moving to the same city so we could continue it. Everyone looks forward to it! We start planning in September, lol. 
  • My sister got engaged this year, so our traditions are changing! Looks like DH and I will take the kids to a Christmas Eve service, and do Christmas with my family at dinner that night. Other than that, we will probably keep the tradition of chocolate chip muffins while opening stockings because it’s my favorite part of Christmas morning lol
  • Ours evolved over the years and became making Christmas Eve the big event…the dinner and gift exchange and Christmas Day being movies in our new jammies. Since adding kids we have kept the big dinner on the Eve and gifts back to Christmas morning.

    my personal tradition is waiting to wrap all gifts on a single night with champagne, cookies and a Christmas movie. 
  • @And846 champagne… I miss it…
  • I love the chocolate chip muffin tradition @skc040512! We often have muffins too and choc chip are my kids favorite! 
    We got Drumstick out last night. He is our “Turkey on the Table”, a tradition I JUST started with my kids last year. Every night for about the 5-6 days leading up to Thanksgiving, they each take a feather and write something they are thankful for and then stick it on Drumstick until finally he is full of thankful feathers on Thanksgiving Day. 

  • @And846 @brookejay06 I was happy with DD that I didn't miss all of "champagne season", as I call it. My family always has champagne out for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, and I'm going to be so bummed to not be able to enjoy a glass. At least there's someone else in my family pregnant so she'll suffer with me lol. 

    On that note, anyone have a good NA or alcohol free sparkling beverage recommendation? I was going to revert back to my childhood and go with martinelli's sparkling cider, but would love to try something less sweet. I had a sip of Fre red wine with DD and it was awful so I'm scared to try more NA wine/sparkling wine. 
  • @pajamstagrams I’m probably just going to get some Bubly and pour it into a Champaign glass if we’re being honest 😂 I have yet to find a non alcoholic sparkling drink that isn’t cloyingly sweet
  • @skc040512 ugh I know. I might bring my NA gin (it's pretty good mixed, don't drink it straight lol) and see if I can fake my way through a french 75 or something. Use club soda instead 🤔 I wish tonic water was safer for pregnancy, because fever tree has an amazing elderflower tonic and it's sooooo good with the fake gin. 
  • Oh here’s another tradition and y’all will prob think I’m crazy LOL!! But I get it from my mama!! 😂
    So my mama was an interior designer/decorator for years and EVERY year growing up she ALWAYS changed our Christmas tree up, it always has some kind of theme or color scheme. Like last year it was “the Nutcracker tree” and before that she had “the candy cane tree” with all red and white decorations… you get it. I have inherited this sick obsession from her and I change up my tree every year too. The amount of Christmas ornaments I have should literally be illegal and takes up SO much of our attic. 😂😂 
    My kids wanted to do a “woodland forest animals” tree this year with like reindeer and cardinals and pine cones etc etc. I told them that the year each of them were born we decorated the tree to go along - with Ainsley our tree was all pink and white and some silver. With Landry we decorated it in all blue and white ornaments. They thought that was pretty cool and now are convinced we should do the pink tree again this year. I guess I’m glad I still have all the pink ornaments??? 😂😂😂🤦🏼‍♀️

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    @MrsLaLaBug that sounds…. Insane. and beautiful.  I want to have a party at your house!! I’m not good at decorating and it stresses me out. 

    On the topic of NA drinks… this is definitely sweet but to me it feels like a treat, like how alcohol used to be a treat (sobs). Sprite has a new winter spiced cranberry flavor. It’s very good!! Add a splash of cranberry juice, a dash of Angostura bitters if you feel comfortable with that, and an orange peel for garnish. 
  • @MrsLaLaBug such a fun tradition!! My aunt used to go crazy with her tree and it was always so fun to see the finished product. 

    @brookejay06 ooo that sounds like my kind of holiday mocktail!! I'll have to give it a try this weekend. I normally just do sprite and cranberry, but this combo makes it feel fancier 💁🏻‍♀️
  • @pajamstagrams I've been digging the store brand na-wine from Presidents Choice (might be Canadian only). I love Heineken 0.0.

    One of my fave traditions is decorating the house/tree with Christmas music on (love the 50's stuff) and drinking eggnog. 

    With DH's family we do presents and a seafood feast on Christmas Eve, and a new tradition we've set is to have the grandparents over to our house Christmas morning and I do a French toast bake.
  • I love all of these! We don’t really have any traditions other than family parties. For Christmas, We used to go to Christmas Eve service when I was little and my mom would always make waffles Christmas morning. We don’t really do that anymore, especially since I live out of state. 

    I want to establish some Christmas traditions with our little family! We’ve been decorating our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving typically. That’s about it.  
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  • This year the tradition for decorating is getting moved up by several slots, to Thanksgiving Day. But traditionally, we follow the Icelandic 12 Days of Christmas, along with the folklore of the 13 Yule Lads. The kids put their shoes on the window sill; good boys get small gifts, naughty boys can get either rocks or potatoes. On Christmas Eve we celebrate with Jolabokaflod - exchanging books and spending the evening reading and eating chocolate. 
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  • @DarkSerendipity love that so much! So cool hearing about different traditions 💜
  • @MrsLaLaBug My 14yo absolutely loves it, and he's getting his 4yo little brother excited for it now. 
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