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Fit Mom Friday 11/5

Fit Mom Friday is a fun way to help us on our healthy pregnancy goals. Fit is whatever it means to you!

Health/Fitness Goal (and why, if you want to share): 

Week's Successes:

Week's Challenges: 

GTKY: What dish do you look forward to most on Thanksgiving?

Re: Fit Mom Friday 11/5

  • Health/Fitness Goal (and why, if you want to share): Workouts 3-5x a week to keep healthy weight gain and prep for labor/delivery/recovery

    Week's Successes: 3 workouts! Yay! First time in a long time haha and I feel so sore but so good. One yoga and two cardio-strength. 

    Week's Challenges: We’re moving (sobs), so the house is a complete wreck while we pack all our things and get ready for the POD to be dropped off tomorrow. But at least now I’m past my utter exhaustion and nauseated phase and back to my normal semi-exhausted state so I actually look forward to working out again.

    GTKY: What dish do you look forward to most on Thanksgiving? Samin Nosrat changed my Thanksgiving game by pointing out how fatty and rich most American Thanksgiving foods are, and that there needs to be a good balance of acids, salts, and fats in a meal (probably very basic but totally blew my mind, highly recommend her book). We also realized we don’t really like the traditional Thanksgiving foods, anyways, so why are we eating them? (Not a turkey fan) So the past few years we have had Key Lime pie instead of pumpkin or pecan (I don’t even like pumpkin or pecan, anyways, and would rather eat a tart citrus dessert any day of the week), and a kale cranberry salad with a lemon vinaigrette dressing. And instead of turkey, DH smokes a brisket overnight. Chef’s kiss!
  • Health/Fitness Goal (and why, if you want to share): I just want to get a lot stronger

    Week's Successes: DH setup my pilates tower, and even though it's like the cheapest one on the market (still expensive) I feel like the quality is great, and I felt soooo much less pain after doing a 30 min youtube class last night on it!

    Week's Challenges: just all the pain

    GTKY: What dish do you look forward to most on Thanksgiving? We're veg so we don't really eat typical thanksgiving food... I like mashed potatoes, but DD3 is deathly allergic to milk so that kind of kills the butter/cream vibe for it. 
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  • Health/Fitness Goal (and why, if you want to share): keep moving

    Week's Successes: 2 workouts, 1 little walk

    Week's Challenges: where did the week go? I had so much headache pain this week, I definitely need to keep moving, get outside more (even in all this rain) and add certain stretches/exercises to release the tension in my neck and shoulders. 

    GTKY: What dish do you look forward to most on Thanksgiving? None. I have celiac and can’t handle dairy and am allergic to cranberries 🙃 I might get DH to sous vide some steak, and there’s a fruit salad with pomegranate I’ve made in previous years that I liked. I bought a pretty tablecloth - I’m excited about that 😆
  • Health/Fitness Goal (and why, if you want to share): Eat healthy and prepare my body for labor and birth through my weekly yoga practice and poses/exercises that are good for birth!

    Week's Successes: Prenatal yoga 4x after work this week. I also got in my walks every day during my lunch break this week, and today hubby and I went for a 5 mile hike on a trail by the mangroves!

    Week's Challenges: Okay Saturday has unintentionally become my splurge day 😅… I had a couple slices of greasy pizza for lunch! Besides this I’ve been pretty good with packing healthy lunches! Still can’t even think about chicken or salads though. At this point I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to eat those again.

    GTKY: What dish do you look forward to most on Thanksgiving? Wow not many Thanksgiving fans here! I’m totally a cranberry sauce person. I’ll slather it on everything else so the whole meal tastes like cranberry sauce. 😋

  • Health/Fitness Goal (and why, if you want to share): To have literally any kind of fitness routine. 😅 

    Week's Successes: Went for a few walks with my husband. Did some light stretches and exercises to prepare for birth (like sitting in a squat position).

    Week's Challenges: We had decided to fast from social media and youtube last week, and I kind of used that as an excuse not to look up any prenatal exercise videos to follow. 😬

    GTKY: What dish do you look forward to most on Thanksgiving?
    Oh man. I really love Thanksgiving. I’m excited for a lot of the classics: turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing/dressing, pumpkin pie. I know it’s not necessarily the healthiest meal of the year, but I figure as long as I’m not eating that way all the time, it’s okay to indulge. 😊
    Me: 30 // Hubs: 31
    Married May 2019
    Baby #1 due April 19, 2022
  • I’ve been such a slacker for the past month or so 😩 My goal is to get in some workouts and actually be able to post for this upcoming week!
  • @monstera13 Join us anytime, even if you just want to talk about plans and answer the GTKY questions! I’ve been a huge slacker too but it’s been nice as some sort of accountability for me.
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