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Pregnant after 35

Family drama over our age

Maybe all the pregnancy hormones have me a little sensitive to this subject but I'm expecting our first in February and will be 39 when I deliver. We're over the moon for our first baby but have noticed that two family members, who we've been supportive of through all their life choices (pregnancies, school, jobs, etc) have started posting memes making fun of people who are older having kids. (Things along the lines of "when you're 40 and changing diapers my growna** kids gonna make their own breakfast while I sleep in"). Have any of you ladies felt targeted or belittled by family members and how did you deal with it?

Re: Family drama over our age

  • No, I have not had this experience, but shame on these people for doing anything other than celebrating you. 
    My husband and I waited longer than many of our friends to have kids and endured subtle questions about our fertility for years. But when we decided to have children, we were financially and emotionally prepared. Maybe their kids are making them breakfast, but we are here being able to afford a nanny and quality preschool. And we know ourselves and each other well enough to be stable, loving parents. 
    Stay strong and know that you made all of the right choices to get you to where you are today. 
  • All I can say to that is that my two best friends both had moms that were 39 when they had them, and my mom was 39 when she had my younger sister. These are all my favorite people. There is a strong correlation between really well cared for children and older parents. Any mocking coming from family members who started really young, probably speaks to their own insecurities more than anything else! Also, personal opinion, Facebook is a breading ground for immaturity! I avoid as much as I can. 
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  • I’ve read and heard these comments from many but none family. Respond differently, they’re either jealous or trying to tick you off. Say “I know and I love every second of it!!” And move on.
  • Omg I am so sorry that they're jerks. I'm 39 and got pregnant after supposedly not being able to. My sisters are super excited and all they care about is there's another kid in the family. They went and bought me groceries so I stay healthy since I'm the one who they never expected would get pregnant. You make me feel so fortunate. If anything, they're envious and wish they were having a little one and instead of being mature they are belittling you. Shame on them. Hugs and support to you!!!
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