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Help! Princess suffering from skin rash!

Re: Help! Princess suffering from skin rash!

  • My baby boy who is 10 weeks old had the same thing, we were told it was likely a milk protein intolerance and had to switch him to a hypoallergenic baby formula as he was exclusively formula fed. It went away after about a week of him being on the new formula, but during that time I also started using mustela stelatopia emollient and it did an amazing job helping the skin recover. Goodluck! 
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  • Truthfully - leave it alone. My son had the same thing and I washed his face with just water and I kept him and the room on the cooler side. It cleared up in a few days. Completely gone in about 2 weeks. Also, my son is breastfeed - 11 weeks 
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  • My baby girl had the same problem and it was all over neck and face as well, I recommend tubby todd, it worked for my daughter.
  • My my baby girl got it at 4 weeks. Have been avoiding lotions or heavy on ingredients soaps for 2 weeks. They significantly decreased but still no smooth skin. Good luck there

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