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Happy Halloween Weekend Thread!

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Anyone have any fun plans for the weekend? 
Show off your carved pumpkins here!
Feel free to share Halloween costume pics(if you’re comfortable) here!
🎃🎃 Happy Halloween to all!! 🎃🎃

Re: Happy Halloween Weekend Thread!

  • Ah! Happy Halloween Weekend! 

    DD has ballet today and able to wear her bumblebee costume #1

    Sunday we have our family Bee costumes ready 🐝
  • We're carving DD's pumpkin today. She is very excited for Halloween, and is dressing up as Cruella.
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  • We're making the family rounds this weekend, as both my parents and DH's live in the area. I'm already exhausted and we've only been to one house 😂
  • DH and I are headed to our reno house to pass out candy and hopefully get to meet some more of our neighbors before we move in! 
  • Our co-op complex had an outdoor treasure hunt/Halloween party today because they're still not allowing trick-or-treating in the buildings this year. I've been sick all weekend (thanks, toddler germs!), but I'm glad I was able to pull myself together for 30 minute because it was a lot of fun and DD got a ton of candy, much of which we plan to eat because she's 2. ;-) 
  • @annashaf soooo cute!!!
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