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UO Thursday! 10/28

Post ‘em if ya got ‘em!! Happy Thursday!! 

Re: UO Thursday! 10/28

  • I fully embrace decorating for Christmas before thanksgiving 
  • Pumpkin spice flavored food and drink is gross. Pumpkin spice candles are lovely. 
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  • Beyoncé is massively overrated (as is most everyone in the music industry)
  • @and846 we decorate the week of Thanksgiving, depending when I take off, so I support this!

    @MrsLaLaBug might have to disagree on the PSL part, because I do love a good latte flavored with cinnamon, cloves, allspice, ginger etc. But I do love th candles, such a nice cozy scent!

    @skc040512 agree!  but I'm a hard rock/metal fan so the music industry largely ignores them, and I'm constantly pissed at the bands winning Grammys for "rock". 🙄
  • @skc040512 I am a very big Beyoncé fan, but more for her persona. Yes, I love her music, but I just love the vibe she gives off. I even have The Office quote "I am Beyoncé Always" above my desk. All that being said my best friend feels the exact same way you do and we have learned to agree to disagree 🤣
  • @karisahamdi is now a good time to mention I don’t like the office either? 🤣 much to DHs dismay, I refuse to watch it lol
  • @skc040512 oh no!!! such a quality show, but to each their own 🤣 
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