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Covid vaccine during pregnancy

Hi ladies! Congratulations to all new moms out there! I wanted to ask your opinion on Covid vaccines during pregnancy. Just wanted to hear it from the ladies who already had the babies. Did you have Covid vaccine during pregnancy? If so on what week of pregnancy. Did u have any adverse affects of the vaccine? I m at 12 weeks and paranoid to take it. I m being forced by my employer to take it even though I work from home. If I don’t take it I will lose my job and my health insurance and I really need that one being pregnant. My worry is the long term affect on the baby. The CDC site states it is safe but they do have a disclosure to protect their ass that says the safety data on pregnant is limited. I really would appreciate any feedback you can share. The risk of me getting Covid is low since I m home practically most of the time. Thank you in advance! 

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  • I got my covid vaccine while pregnant… I can’t remember exactly what week I got it but I was in my second trimester. Baby was born 3 weeks early due to me having high blood pressure but he’s perfectly healthy. I had no issues with him while pregnant either. I’m home pretty much 24/7 as well but I chose to get it bc of the higher risks Covid can cause pregnant women. Neither of us have had any adverse side effects.
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  • I had my first dose of Pfizer after 12weeks & the second dose 9 weeks later. My symptoms were just a sore arm & fatigue for 2 days, which means the vaccine & my body were doing its job 👍.
    I had a normal, low risk pregnancy & delivery. Healthy baby was born at 40w+4d. I'm considering the booster shot as it will be the first line of defence against the Omicron variant; my parents & in-laws are both elderly & retired, I often see them as they are my village in helping during the newborn phase :)
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  • I got the second moderna shot and the moderna booster while pregnant. I didn't have any bad side effects but I did end up getting covid anyways. I went into labor two days after testing positive at 37 weeks. I did have my previous child at 36 weeks though, so I don't think covid or the vaccines attributed to that... My baby came out testing negative for COVID though. Everyone else in my household got COVID besides the baby. 
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    I just got my booster at 30 wks pregnant. I took Tylenol immediately after and every 4 hours after that. I had mild aches and my arm hurt. My sister works in an OB office and they’ve had to totally change protocols because they are seeing really bad events related to unvaccinated women and covid. They are highly recommending the vaccine and even thanked me for getting mine. Best of luck! 
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    I got my first covid19 vaccine a little before I was pregnant and asked if it was alright to take my second one from my doctor. He said that I should so I went ahead and took it and I was about 6 to 8 weeks pregnant. Baby is going in his 3rd month and is healthy so far. During pregnancy, we had a covid19 incident where my husband tested positive for covid19 with mild to no symptoms, and I tested negative. There was another time where baby was about a couple weeks old where my husband was in very close contact with a covid19 positive person, but he tested negative. So far we have have been fortunate. 

    I work in Healthcare and there is alot of nurses saying that there are WAY more stillbirths and miscarriage's happening now, and that a majority of people coming in are vaxxed. I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole during pregnancy. It used to state on the product warnings that anyone getting the vaccine should stay away from pregnant or breastfeeding women for 2 weeks due to possible vaccine shedding, but then it wa redacted. My sister is also on a global ivf discussion page and has been trying to get pregnant since before the vaccines. She says she has noticed a definite increase in people posting having lost their babies. It's too early for them to know ifnthe vaccines are safe for pregnancy. There are a ton of toxic substances in these vaccines as well. It is awful that people are being put in this position by their employers. The only way to be safe is to not get it. I know a few people who have gotten covid while pregnant and just isolated at home and been fine. I worked as a lab and x ray technician with covid positive patients, taking their blood, doing their x rays and testing their covid swabs, up until 10 days before my due date. If you want to keep your baby safe, do not go near the vaccine. Any research you do, look on the web browser duckduckgo instead of Google, as Google sensors a large amount of information. This is a huge decision. Please use your own critical thinking. Look into the vaccine ingredients. 
  • It is your personal decision and of course talk it over with your doctor. I was advised to take it due to my medical history. It is okay to ask others opinions but very will tell you hype and rhetoric. So what is comfortable for you and safe. 
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