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Foot swelling

Hi! First time mom here! My feet have started swelling some (I’m almost 25 weeks). My left foot is always way more swollen. Has this happened to anyone? It’s not red or painful …just swollen. In the morning it seems to go away, but by afternoon evening the left foot is swollen again. Just don’t know if this has happened to others or if it’s concerning. Thanks! 

Re: Foot swelling

  • That happened to me pretty badly during my first two pregnancies, especially the first. I think both were equally swollen, though. Have you tried compression socks? Those helped me out a ton. I also tried to keep my feet elevated as much as I could. 
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  • @chelswcu12 please mention this to your dr asap. I know you’ve been having bp issues, and swelling, especially one side more than other can be a sign of something more serious. I don’t want to freak you out, and it may be nothing, but given what you’ve already been going through you definitely need to make sure your doctor is aware of this, and they should be the ones to help determine that specifically for you. Compression socks and elevating your feet whenever possible is recommended, but I would still talk to your doctor. Good luck!
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  • @shinyobjects thank you ❤️ Just called and they said if the swelling goes up my calf to call them (hasn’t don’t that yet thank goodness) and they want to see me next week. Looks like they are gonna wanna see me every week from now on 😞 I guess better safe than sorry though! 
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