February 2022 Moms

Ten things Tuesday 9.28

Ten things that you are feeling grateful for this week! 

Re: Ten things Tuesday 9.28

    1. Caffeine
    2. Baby kicks
    3. Naps
    4. Cute baby shower dresses
    5. Sweaters
    6. Getting to work from home at my own pace
    7. Good medical care
    8. Pumpkin
    9. Baking!
    10. avocado toast
  • 1. Long toddler naps
    2. Lemonade
    3. Summer temperatures this week
    4. Amazon
    5. Loaded baked potatoes
    6. Half day of work tomorrow
    7. Friends who aren't needy/don't demand attention all the time
    8. My brother going home safely from storm cleanup in Louisiana
    9. Finding perfect family photo outfits 
    10. Husband who is a great dad. Seriously. He's the best. 
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  • @chgilmore feel you on the pumpkin (I don't care how basic it is either!) :)
    @modoodles Wow, lots of good stuff. Family pictures are hard to coordinate! Glad you found perfect outfits!
  • 1. You guys! For keeping me sane and in-the-know of questions to ask my doc! (I'm now on baby Aspirin--which I don't think I would have been had I not read your comments!)
    2. Heating pads
    3. Brisk air for walks
    4. Vegetables
    5. Family visits
    6. Access to research and articles
    7. Chocolate
    8. Books
    9. Ice
    10. Massages
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