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Covid vaccine during pregnancy?

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Hi! Has anyone gotten the covid vaccine during pregnancy? If so, can you just let me know your experience and how your pregnancy is going/went? I'm approaching my 3rd trimester which is when I planned to get vaccinated but I am so nervous and scared about the vaccine and what can it do to baby yet also nervous and scared of catching covid or the delta variant while pregnant for the same reason. I would just like some insight from anyone who did get the vaccine while pregnant please! Thank you and Have a blessed day :)

Re: Covid vaccine during pregnancy?

  • This would be a great question for your doctor or the other 3 questions just like this on the board.
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  • I'm not a doctor but I can pretty much guarantee the outcome will be better if you get the vaccine vs. catching the Delta variant while pregnant in the 3rd trimester.
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  • I got the vaccine. I haven't had COVID (also took plenty of reasonable mitigation efforts such as masking!). Baby is doing well,  my pregnancy has been uneventful.  10/10 would do again. 
  • I got my initial vaccine in Feb/March 2021 and just got my booster last week (Moderna). I felt achy and tired after for a day or so but not as bad as with my second dose. I was very relieved and eager to get the booster as it's the only way my baby will be able to have any protection--she will have some antibodies at birth whereas my almost 2 year old will have to wait until he is in the approved age group ☹️
  • The ACOG and any OB worth their salt will recommend you getting vaccinated while pregnant. You will pass antibodies onto your baby, and you will also have them via breast milk if you choose to nurse. 

    I got vaccinated right before I became pregnant and have had 0 problems. I got my booster this morning.
  • I had my vaccine at 4 and 13 weeks. The second shot was pretty hard on me but I feel 100x safer having received it rather than catching covid or spreading it to others including my toddler who can't get vaccinated. 
    Me and baby are perfectly healthy! 
  • I got the vaccine right before becoming pregnant & I just got the booster last week. I had no negative effects from the booster. The vaccine I just had a headache. I'm due in 3 weeks all is 😊 - good luck whatever you decide
  • I got the Pfizer vaccine in May 2021, booster when I was around 3 months pregnant - I only had a sore arm for a day. My husband is a doctor and we decided to wait until we were both vaccinated before I get pregnant because he gets exposed to COVID at work. I had COVID in January 2021 before getting vaccinated, it took a mouth to recover. My sister was 28 weeks pregnant and also has COVID. She had to be hospitalized and had an emergency C-section at 30 weeks, and had a very hard time with the COVID symptoms. She had to stay in hospital for two weeks and wasn't allowed to touch her baby for a few days until her and her husband were cleared from COVID. Baby was born 2pounds, super tiny but a fighter. 
  • I had Covid the end of August 2021 and I didn’t even know I was pregnant end of September when I found out I was scared on what decision to make should I take it or not. I’m not really against it or with it but I took the vaccine first doze just got me very very tired and sleepy and I had chills at night 2nd really didn’t do none. It’s a scary decision because we really don’t know what’s in it but baby is healthy and doing pretty good currently 29 weeks and doctor said there’s very little chances baby will be born with Covid. I pray we all have a healthy and safe delivery 🙏🏽
  • I'm triple vaccinated with 2* Pfizer: between 6 and 10 weeks of the pregnancy, and a booster of Moderna which I got at 26 weeks' pregnant. Had some strong fatigue and nausea for a couple of weeks after the first 2 doses but only minor sore arm where jabbed for the booster for a couple of days. Still haven't had any of the covid strains since the start of the pandemic, though it's just a matter of time before we all get Omicron here.

    Baby's scans and all of our combined blood work have been very healthy so far (I'm 34 weeks now). No known prenatal risks or genetic issues have come up for either of us so I'm expecting to deliver as planned with a water birth, like my first baby.

    Here in Aus, vaccinations have significantly reduced hospitalisation rate of Covid patients. The mRNA vaccines are not live and cannot therefore spread bits of the virus to the baby. Instead, your immune system will create antibodies for coronavirus and those antibodies will be shared with your baby's own immune system.

    Jabs may not prevent you from getting Omicron all-together, but I didn't want to risk major labour complications due to being unable to breathe or have enough strength from covid. 
  • I got my Covid vaccine when I was 36 weeks pregnant and then got my second dose 2 weeks postpartum. I didn’t have any side effects, I delivered a healthy baby, and I felt great about the fact that I was able to give my baby antibodies both during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. 
  • I got both vaccines June 21 before I got pregnant. I had COVID at 23 weeks. I’m not planning on doing a booster before birth in May. There’s not enough data yet to convince me to get the COVID vax while pregnant. I will, of course, be getting every other recommended vax and my baby will be vaccinated on a normal schedule once born. 

    I believe all prenatal care should have hearty data supporting it. The COVID virus is scary, especially with all the surrounding politics. I would recommend having a long discussion with your OB and doing independent research online reading PEER REVIEWED JOURNALS- not news or media outlets. Google Scholar will help you find these papers. Come to your own decision and don’t let peer pressure get to you if you decide not to get a booster while pregnant. And if you do choose to get a booster, don’t let anyone scare you out of it!
  • I was vaccinated before pregnancy and got a booster at 15 weeks. No issues :) baby is still healthy and thriving 
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