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Fit Mom Friday 9/3

Fit Mom Friday is a fun way to help us on our healthy pregnancy goals. Fit is whatever it means to you!


Health/Fitness Goal (and why, if you want to share):

Week's Successes:

Week's Challenges:

Questions/Anything Else You Want to Share:

Re: Fit Mom Friday 9/3

  • Health/Fitness Goal (and why, if you want to share): To continue to move my body throughout this pregnancy!

    Week's Successes: I did a 1/2 hour spin Wed & Thurs morning, and have been walking the dog for about 2.5 miles whenever the weather is nice enough in the afternoon. Couldn't get myself to spin this morning because I actually got to catch up on some sleep on the couch, so hoping that I will be able to fit a little in around 

    Week's Challenges: WFH is new for me, so I just have to be a little more careful about eating. I get hungry every 2-3 hours and NEED to eat or else I get shaky (such an interesting pregnancy symptom lol). I just need to make sure that I'm reaching for healthy snacks.

    Also sleeping is so rough, but I put on a meditation last night and it helped me fall asleep. Will be doing that from now on instead of lying in bed awake for hours.

    Questions/Anything Else You Want to Share: Any other Peloton users out there? I just use the app but I love friends for accountability!
  • Health/Fitness Goal (and why, if you want to share): Maintain a regular exercise routine throughout pregnancy to help prepare for the big belly and labor. And to maintain a healthy bodyweight

    Week's Successes: I did two strength training sessions this week and will be doing on tonight. I've gotten into a good routine. I originally wanted to workout in the morning but evening workouts have been nice. Have dinner, play with toddler, put her to bed, clean kitchen, exercise, watch 1 hour of tv then get into bed and read for 30 minutes before sleep.

    Week's Challenges: Got possession of the new house so I've been running back and forth between this house and one of our rentals that were renovating so I'm so tired by the afternoon.

    Questions/Anything Else You Want to Share: nope
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  • Health/Fitness Goal (and why, if you want to share): eating more veggies, less snacks, and getting some excercise everyday. 
    Week's Successes: none. Been a lazy blob this week, even skipped playground a few times :-(

    Week's Challenges: SO TIRED! 

    Questions/Anything Else You Want to Share:
    so just weighed myself last night and realized I actually weigh MORE now than I did 1wk postpartum with last baby.  Sent me into a tailspin.  Now I'm determined to get in better shape, but not really sure how.  Like, what's safe/healthy to start and do while nursing AND in early pregnancy.  So scared of doing something that could harm the little bean.  Other pregnancies I had lots of complications and couldn't so I was often on restrictions.  I don't even know how normal pregnancies work! 
  • Health/Fitness Goal (and why, if you want to share): To stay active and maintain flexibility and strength to help with labor and delivery (planning for another medication-free L&D)

    Week's Successes: I did… stuff. Two yoga workouts and one long neighborhood walk. It’s a struggle, though. Hoping to fit in something today and tomorrow to hit my goal of 5 workouts a week.

    Week's Challenges: I just don’t feel like doing anything so I’m not enjoying my workouts like I usually do. And no HIIT for me this week— the thought of jumping and moving quickly just wasn’t doing it for me. 

    Questions/Anything Else You Want to Share: Nah
  • Health/Fitness Goal (and why, if you want to share):  Truly just want to be active in some way throughout this pregnancy.  Once this nausea settles down and I'm not as fatigued hopefully I'll get back to morning workouts.

    Week's Successes:  none 😒

    Week's Challenges:  Still nauseous and tired.  I'm hoping to get out this weekend and do some running.  I have a half marathon at the end of October- I'm just planning on FINISHING it - and this has really thrown a wrench in my training! 

    Questions/Anything Else You Want to Share:  Just kinda feeling the whole body dysmorphic feelings like I'm HUGE and will I even look pregnant or just FAT?  I lost about 20 lbs early this year and apparently I've gained almost all of it back.  I know some of it is from pregnancy, but I really didn't expect to have gained it ALL back!  Hopefully I can snap out of it- I mean, I am way healthier than I was during 2020- LORD what a trainwreck that year was.  So there's that.
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  • @todzillamom I'm also not feeling great about my body. I'm 20lbs heavier than I was at the beginning of my last pregnancy. I really thought I would get into better shape faster but I was not motivated at all. Part of it was because I had a great exercise routine pre-pregnancy but stopped because I was also terrified about hurting baby or myself. So it was hard to get back into it. I felt the same feelings amthis time too and found myself not exercising. Hiring the personal trainer has taken all of that fear and anxiety away. I am continuing my exercise routine and it helps having a set schedule so I have less excuses to not do it 
  • Health/Fitness Goal (and why, if you want to share): Stay active throughout pregnancy ch to minimize extra weight gain and be able to get back into race shape next summer!

    Week's Successes: Not many actual workouts (just one run on Sunday) but we moved so I was veryyyy active packing everything and helping my husband haul boxes and furniture. I’m tired and sore lol. And I dominated my family’s FitBit step challenge 💪🏻 

    Week's Challenges: Continued nausea and fatigue 

    Questions/Anything Else You Want to Share: NATM

    @shlecks and @miss_lynn9 I’m also starting out about 20 lbs heavier than last pregnancy, which is a bit disheartening. The pandemic weight gain sucks!
  • I'm almost exactly 20 over too! 
  • Health/Fitness Goal (and why, if you want to share): Do any exercise, most days of the week. I’ve simplified it due to my extreme exhaustion. 😅

    Week's Successes: 4 days of prenatal yoga after work, plus one day this weekend walking to downtown from our condo (about 3 miles round trip), and this morning we went paddleboarding all around the mangroves at a local state park. The tide on our way out was RIPPING so we got a major arm workout!

    Week's Challenges: Pure exhaustion. Weekends are a little bit better but on work days, I come home and literally have no energy to do anything except force myself to eat if I’m not too nauseous and then sleep.

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