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Ten things Tuesday 8/17

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What's on you mind today?

Re: Ten things Tuesday 8/17

  • 1. Heartburn!  :s
    2. My roomba just quit and it's way under the couch and I don't want to crawl on the floor to get it.
    3. I am v much looking forward to therapy today, I'm feeling v cranky this week and feel like I need to sort some of those feelings out.
    4. So much anxiety about this autumn and school/work/covid prob contributing to my edginess.
    5. Had dinner with our babysitter and her fiancé last night at the garden and it was so nice, I miss her (we haven't had a babysitter since the pandemic started)!
    6. So I'm going on a brunch date with my partner with her as a babysitter! It will be our first time alone in FOR EV ER.
    7.V excited to eat a breakfast burrito lol.
    8. This week is insane with work, it went from 0 to 60 overnight.
    9. SO behind on laundry from camping  :neutral:
    10. I have been waking up once a night so hungry for sweets, it is so weird!
  • rgn12rgn12 member
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    1. Taking away the paci is much harder than I anticipated with my 2 y/o. 
    2. I have no idea what to wear for maternity photos.
    3. I’m terrified of covid/delta, and have an upcoming non-refundable vacation. Luckily the vacation is a condo on the beach AFTER school starts back. Hoping we’ll be okay.
    4. I am obsessed with orange juice this pregnancy.
    5. I feel baby kicking like crazy everyday even though I have an anterior placenta again.
    6. Work has been slower and inconsistent. To push for more work, or just ride it out until maternity leave? Decisions decisions.
    7. My eyebrows need some love, but I feel like it’s an unnecessary risk at this point. 
    8. DD slept normally last night… FX this sticks.
    9. Why am I so huge already??
    10. I do not watch the news, it gives me stress. 

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  • #3 same. Hopefully your vacation will be restful despite the stress. I wasn’t able to get refunds on ours either, but they did offer travel “vouchers” to use within the year so it wasn’t a total loss. 

    #8 sending sticky sleep vibes! 
  • @bkjade  thanks! I think I’ll probably Lysol and Clorox wipe the crap out of the room (it’s a small open room plan, thankfully super simple/minimalist too without a bunch of extra junk) before we do anything. We were going to go to an aquarium but I’m thinking that’s a no-go, because DD touches everything and we’re still working on masks with her. 

    I am having heartburn like crazy too! Have you found anything that’s helpful? Are we allowed to take Zantac again? I took it like
    my entire pregnancy last time but then it was recalled or something shortly after she was born and I haven’t looked into it to see if it’s okay now! 
  • @rgn12 - re: heartburn - I’m double checking with my OB on Thursday bc Tums are not cutting it lol
  • 1. I am crushing it with Christmas shopping this year because I know I won't have time/want to as it gets closer
    2. I need to order some new maternity pants because I only have two that I can wear to work and one is an under the bump pair that isn't going to cut it for long
    3. I didn't bring enough snacks to work today and I'm going to get hungry on the drive home
    4. I think I've decided on a nursery color scheme
    5. My birthday is next week and I think I'm going to order myself new slippers
    6. I have 14 hours of Love Island to catch up on and I'm so excited
    7. I've been so tired lately
    8. I know we're not supposed to compare ourselves to others, but the girl who sits in front of me at work is 6 months pregnant and you couldn't tell at all. But then, maybe she's self-conscious about that so who knows.
    9. I wasn't going to do maternity photos, but a photographer I like is doing Christmas mini sessions in November and I might sign up for us to do those as a last family of three thing
    10. I ordered DD a scooter and I thought it was coming today, but now it's coming tomorrow and she's going to be so sad
  • @melbel0824 #1 yes!!! I am feeling good about Christmas too! And #7 same 😴 I feel like come 5PM I am just barely hanging on for the rest of the day until I can sleep lol

  • 1. This fatigue won’t go away…I need energy.
    2. I’m ready for the holidays too!
    3. This baby doesn’t move and kick as much as my 1st two 
    4. I really want to stop working now but want to save my time until after my baby is born
    5. I feel so big & heavy
    6. Adulting is exhausting 🙄
    7. I hate when ppl try to touch my stomach
    8. I have a lot of de cluttering to do before baby boy arrives & it’s making me anxious
    9. I really want a at home water birth
    10. I hate that I can’t eat spicy foods right now

  • 1. Heartburn, too. It's so bad. 
    2. I am in the opposite boat about xmas-- completely unmotivated and probably going to use baby coming as an excuse to not do any gifts this I a horrible person?  I am usually totally gung-ho for the holidays so this feels weird
    3. Hubby and I can't seem to come to an agreement about circumcision, and it's kind of making me wish baby was another girl
    4. I can't get comfortable no matter what.  I am huge and by 4pm I can't sit or stand anymore so I need to lay down and feel so awful/lazy
    5. I am being a bad mom and letting DD watch soooo much TV lately.  Pregnancy laziness, the heat, plus covid make me not want to do anything or go anywhere. 
    6. All I want to eat is salad and ice cream lately, it's bizarre
    7. I am so bad about keeping up with bump pics and my pregnancy journal this time around
    8. DD is a little terror or a complete sweetheart-- there is no in between.  It's both amusing and irritating 
    9. Hubby is going away for work for 45 days.  I don't want him to go because I worry about so much...covid, him being near the border where crime is increasing, the flights, and infidelity because I feel like I have not been fulfilling his needs at all lately :(
    10. I should probably be seeing a therapist after looking at my list!!!!  Lol

  • @mommyb31 - the spicy food  :'( I keep trying every couple of weeks and then suffer for it. I cannot wait to eat a bunch of spicy food, raw fish, and deli meat lol. 

    @scaredunprepared #2 lol no not horrible! smart! I am def going to lean on this pregnancy and birth to pare down my holiday obligations and esp visits! I am just a freak when it comes to gift giving  :D 
  • @scaredunprepared I haven’t done anything for Christmas either, oops 🤣

    @mommyb31 sameeee with spicy! I had some tikka masala the other day and thought I was going to start breathing fire! 🔥 
  • @bkjade and @rgn12 thanks for making me feel better about it.   I am not planning on any visits or bday party for DD with covid plus flu season plus newborn.   I will lock myself in my house for 4 months!!!!

    Also the lack of spicy food and sushi is killer.  I wanted sushi as my first meal after DD was born but settled for a tuna sandwich and it was the best thing I ever ate in my life lol  (I was so hungry I probably would have eaten cardboard at that point!)
  • @scaredunprepared I totally hear you on the covid/flu, I’m also so worried about rsv because that seems terrible lately too. Last time I was totally overwhelmed with people wanting to see DD, so between that and health precautions I am going to set some pretty strict boundaries this time I think. For my mental health and our physical health! 
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