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Breastfeeding and pregnant

I'm 6w5d and exclusively breastfeeding my 7 month old. He's been really fussy this week. Could the pregnancy be impacting my milk supply? Anyone have experience doing this?

Re: Breastfeeding and pregnant

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    ETA just realized this post is super old and i can't delete posts here, apparently? oh well.

    hi, i nursed my first (who was 2 at the time) through my entire pregnancy with my 2nd and then went on to tandem nurse. i think it's probably too early in your pregnancy for it to be to impacting your supply. i noticed a big drop in supply as i got closer to the end of 1st trimester. the taste of the milk also begins to change. some kids will self-wean at this point, but others will be undeterred and will continue to nurse despite low/no milk. depending on how much your supply drops and how well your LO is eating solids, you may have to consider supplementing with formula at some point since your LO is still under 1 year. there are lots of other possible reasons for fussiness, like growth spurts and teething. 

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