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Crossfit/HIIT and Pregnancy

Hi Moms! (And I'm assuming some Dads, too!)

I'm pregnant with my 2nd and did crossfit up to 37 weeks with my first. I was going to late afternoon classes at the time and focused on conditioning, form, and strength. Two of my regular coaches were specialty trained in coaching pregnant athletes and I felt really good about continuing with modifications!

This time around my regular class is at 6am and I'm finding that I'm pretty fatigued. I need to eat something small before classes (I used to workout fasted pre-pregnancy) and have found Stinger waffles and Nuun hydration to be a GREAT "pre-workout"! 

So here's my "discussion question": What workout gear have people loved as their belly grows? What pre and post workout snacks do you love? How have you gone through your pregnancy while maintaining some gym-based activity?

I'll be completely honest that I'm not looking for people to tell me to stop. I've been doing Crossfit for 10 years and my OBGYN and coaches are all supportive of continuing.

Re: Crossfit/HIIT and Pregnancy

  • This last year there were two women pregnant in my box and they did Crossfit throughout the pregnancy, but there were certain exercises they didn't do in specific phases of the pregnancy and always scaled the workouts to what they could do.

    For sure you can continue to exercise but do follow the recommendations by those who are qualified :) If in doubt or not happy with the one you are seeing, seek second/other opinion
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