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GTKY: Vacation/Adventure

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What's your favorite vacation or adventure you've been on?

Inspired by a recent poster's backpacking experience.

Re: GTKY: Vacation/Adventure

  • Ooof this one is hard for me. My H and I love to travel and have had some awesome experiences for different reasons. Like it’s hard to compare the romantic honeymoon in Spain to the cool trip to Marrakech to the adventure trip in Croatia. But those three are in my top. 
  • On our honeymoon we went to Hawaii and packed it full of things. It wasn’t very relaxing but it was a blast! We went kayaking with whales! 
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  • @kiwi2628 Spain, Marrakech, and Croatia?! Holy moly those all sound exciting. What did you do on your Croatia adventure trip?
    @sammygirl18 Hawaii (Maui) is my favorite trip, too! We went with friends that love to laugh, which made everything a blast. And so many activities, too! Snorkeling with turtles, meditating on the beach, dinner luaus, hiking through a volcano crater, and lots of pina coladas and fresh poke.
  • @loveanddatadriven my H and I rented a little BMW convertible and drove around the country stopping and staying in a number of cities, towns and national parks. Actually went into Bosnia and Montenegro also. Ate squid ink pasta on a cliffside restaurant. Jumped off the side of a boat into the Adriatic (and had to be careful not get get spiked by those spiky ocean things). Saw a bunch of places where GoT was filmed. It was a blast. 

    We love to travel and have been a lot of places
  • My parents lived in China for 2 years so we traveled to see them a lot. We met them in several countries (Japan & Thailand) nearby.  I think my favorite was going to China though. We were able to experience China like locals and it was absolutely amazing. The people were so welcoming and lived with this sense of community I’ve never experienced before. We climbed Mt Huashan (not the super dangerous parts) and it was exhausting and breathtaking all at the same time! (Google it! 😀)

    I also loved Japan for the people and the culture. We watched a Sumo Wrestling tournament which was super cool!
  • After my husband took the bar exam in 2015 we went to London, Santorini and Barcelona for 15 days, and it was great. Ah, to be young and child free again in a world without Covid lol. But yeah, we don't really do "adventure" stuff. If I'm on vacation I just want to sit by a pool with a view and eat delicious food. 
  • I hear you @doxiemoxie212. Vacations aren't quite the same with kids :D
  • @Blondesweety444 exactly, they're work trips now lol
  • honestly an actual work trip sounds amazing - I get to leave my son and husband at home and then sit by the pool in peace B)  ;)
  • @Blondesweety444 lol true. My work trips were always like fly in at 5am, stay for 12 hours then fly back - but the flight gets delayed like 6 hours so I just live in the airport. Not sure if I would want to do that now? But maybe?  :D
  • @Blondesweety444 lol true. My work trips were always like fly in at 5am, stay for 12 hours then fly back - but the flight gets delayed like 6 hours so I just live in the airport. Not sure if I would want to do that now? But maybe?  :D
    ahh yes, I'd pass on that at the moment as well!
  • We loved to travel too. (I just realized I put that in past-tense), but I would say my favorite/most memorable  travel/adventure was when I convinced my DH we should go bungee jumping when we were in New Zealand. 

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    The Florida Keys are my favorite place in the world.  I just love the vibe there.  The seafood is incredible.  Both the gulf side and the ocean side are so full of life - the aquatic habitats there are just amazing - seagrass beds, coral reefs, mangrove forests.  And if you live in the States, you can DRIVE there.  Amazing.

    I also adore Australia.  We went there for our honeymoon.  I despise airplanes but I will suffer that 14-hour flight multiple times to go back.

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  • Well we LOVE Disney World so those are always great memories.  Especially our big family trip right before the pandemic in Jan 2020.  But I also really loved the trip we just got back from! It was our first trip just the 3 of us!  We drove out to Asheville and then to the Outer Banks (Kitty Hawk and Manteo) and just soaked up the sun, explored the towns, ate lots of great food, and just really enjoyed ourselves a lot.  
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  • We’ve been on so many adventures, but my favorite would probably be our trip last summer to Alaska! My all time favorite part was when we went on an advanced hiking/climbing tour on the Matanuska glacier. It ended up being just the two of us with our guide, and we hiked all day long, deep into the glacier. We repelled deep into the crevasses, trudged through thigh-high glacial water, and explored incredible blue ice caves and deep blue ice pools. 💙

    A close second would have to be our honeymoon in Costa Rica— we would wake up to giant colonies of monkeys in the trees above our bungalow! Once our hiking path ended on our way to a local waterfall one day, we had to hold onto rope while scrambling sideways across vertical rocks along the side of the cliff above the river! 😬Totally worth it once we got there!
  • @hkom We live in Florida and love to drive down to the keys for weekend trips!! I’ve never been to Australia but it’s always been #1 on my list. I can’t wait to visit there someday! Let me know if you have any tips for visiting!
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    Ooh! So when I was younger (like elementary through high school) we took a few trips out west. Backpacked through Zion National Park, visited Yellowstone, the Badlands, Mt Rushmore, and Crazy Horse. Each of those was amazing. 

    Trips with my husband? We’ve done of lots of fun mini adventures, some more fun than others. The others have good stories now though, lol. My very favorite might be out west again— we visited Colorado when I was pregnant with my youngest about five years ago for a friend’s wedding. We didn’t get a lot of “vacation” time that trip but what we did was so cool. I also love all the quick trips we’ve taken down to Kentucky and Tennessee. Such beautiful parts of the country— and we like bourbon tasting and hiking lol. We’ve done some cool Florida/beach trips, too, and those are nice, but I’m a mountain girl at heart. I love finding little niche places with rich history, especially history that maybe we haven’t heard of or didn’t learn about in school. That kind of thing. 

    Oh! And I almost forgot— last September we went up to Holland, Michigan (we live in Indiana) and it was such a cool town. Gorgeous beach, fun shops and restaurants, super nice parks, and a bunch of fun kid-friendly spots that were educational and enjoyable for all of us. Also looked like some fun kid-free spots, haha, but didn’t get to enjoy any of those. 😉
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