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  • Well, I’ll go then.😄 Having a challenging time right now so this is a good exercise. 

    1) DH💗💗💗💗💗
    2) The goodness of the Universe 
    3) My family
    4) Flexible work opportunities
    5) Money flow
    6) Good healthcare
    7) Good friends
    8) Access to heathy foods
    9) A comfortable home 
    10) This special little tribe in TTGP💕

  • @keikilove sending you hugs <3<3<3

    10 Things Tuesday on a Wednesday is a thing, right? :)

    1. MH
    2. My family
    3. Living near the ocean
    4. Wonderful friends
    5. My cuddly cat and dog
    6. My beautiful home
    7. Coffee
    8. Access to plenty of healthy food
    9. Good books
    10. Job opportunities
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  • I'll join on Wednesday:

    1. My DH 💚💚
    2. My favorite family water-front restaurant with good food and drinks and outdoor seating
    3. Nerdy board games
    4. Tennis
    5. My work
    6. Good neighbors
    7. Re-reading favorite old books
    8. Discovering new favorite books
    9. Delicious local produce
    10. Good health
  • Also a day late

    1. My friend letting me cool off in her house since my AC is broken
    2. Last week for the semester! Just one big paper left to write!
    3. Going to give myself a shout out on this list for getting my week day wine consumption under control
    4. The dogs and cat for putting up with our hot house
    5. My MBA cohort
    6. Indian food delivery
    7. Sister group text
    8. Sunshine
    9. My personal trainer
    10. DH is last but not least because he is traveling and got to abandon our hot house  :|
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