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Healthy Habits w/o 7/26

What habits, goals, or resolutions are you focusing on this week?

How's everything going? Any recent wins?

What has you motivated or struggling this week?

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Re: Healthy Habits w/o 7/26

  • What habits, goals, or resolutions are you focusing on this week? Getting even better about eating. I started tracking a bit last week and that has been going well but I know that I can make even better choices. All of the working out has me craving protein so I need to find more readily available sources of protein that I can grab easily from the fridge. Any suggestions welcome!

    How's everything going? Any recent wins? Really good. I'm down 3 pounds! I've have such a hard time with the scale that this is a huge win. Plus my move ring and peloton streak are still going so I'm proud of myself for that (even though for Peloton all I did last night was a meditation).

    What has you motivated or struggling this week? Motivated by seeing the scale move favorably and keeping those streaks going! I'm going to try to knock out my workouts as soon as I get home from my meeting today so that I continue to keep myself accountable.
  • @fameonmain2 nice job on being down 3 pounds! Keep the momentum going!

    What habits, goals, or resolutions are you focusing on this week? keeping up yoga every day, minimizing my sugar intake

    How's everything going? Any recent wins? I hit 200 days of yoga yesterday!

    What has you motivated or struggling this week? It's hard to not eat sweets. I ate 4 pieces of brownies yesterday :#. I need to get back into having water over soda
    *TW* History:
    Me: 33 DH: 35 | Together since 2007 | Married July 2016

    TTC #1 since 7.2017
    Dx: low morph (1%), ANA positive, low decidualization score, high TSH and testosterone, histone antibodies

    IUI #1-3 all BFN
    IVF #1 | 6.11.19 | 24R, 17M, 15F, 6B, PGT-A tested - 5 normal, 3 girls & 2 boys
    FET #1 | 9.10.19 | BFN "I know you, but we've never met. I'm with you, but I don't know your name"
    RPL, Receptiva, & ERA testing | all normal/negative, recommended going on gluten and dairy free diet for next FET
    FET #2 | 3.31.20 | Opted to cancelled due to pandemic, continued diet and tried naturally over the summer
    2nd Opinion with another RE | 8.20.20 | Not immune to measles (received 1 dose); SA results similar to 2 years ago; decided to move forward with FET #2 redo at start of next cycle
    Surprise natural BFP! | 9.22.20 | MC 10.23.20 at 8 weeks
    TTCAL naturally | starting 11.22.20

    Initial consultation with Reproductive Immunologist | 9.14.21
    Decidualization score biopsy | 10.1.21 | abnormal - low score of 1; endometrial scratch recommended and progesterone supplementation
    Saline sono | 10.15.21 | normal
    Bloodwork | 10.21.21 high TSH, high testosterone, positive for anti-nuclear antibodies and histone antibodies
    BFP! | 11.3.21 | EDD 7.14.22 B) | biopsy provided same effect as endometrial scratch; added supplemental progesterone and estrogen, prednisone, levothyroxine, and MTX to maintain pregnancy
    DS born 7.19.22 after induction
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    @fameonmain2 I eat munkpack protein cookies if I want more protein, but that's not too often. They're kinda expensive, but I don't eat normal "bars" because they often contain gluten and other stuff I don't want to eat.  I'm not a snacker though, so I just eat more meat at meals instead. 

    Eta: congrats on the 3 lbs, that's great progress!

    @inthewoods23 congrats on 200 days of yoga!! That's an amazing accomplishment!

    What habits, goals, or resolutions are you focusing on this week? Eating enough to put on some muscle 🤦‍♀️ and trying to get that elusive 3rd workout in per week.

    How's everything going? Any recent wins?
    Strength has gone backwards / stalled, but slowly getting better.
    TW loss
    I was doing well before my recent pregnancy/subsequent loss, and haven't quite gotten back to that pre-PG strength. I get close, then get sick, etc so I haven't made as much progress as I'd hoped. Definitely need to prioritize gym time more, and that might mean waking up earlier. 

    What has you motivated or struggling this week? just frustrated I get every cold under the sun 🙄   also, just knowing that my goal of losing a couple pounds kind of conflicts with my goal of building up strength quicker, so that's annoying. I truly would rather be stronger, and I don't care about the number on the scale, I just want to lose some excess fat, especially since I carry it around my face so much. But you gotta eat to build muscle. 🤷‍♀️
  • @fameonmain2 Love that meditation is part of your streak. I wish I could convince myself to get into that habit.

    @inthewoods23 Holy cow, 200 days of yoga! So impressive!

    @pajamstagrams I'm a huge proponent of strength training and chat about it forever. Hope you start seeing some results you're excited by soon!

    What habits, goals, or resolutions are you focusing on this week? Just gotta get through the week and be done with Summer semester so I can think about other things I'd like to do with my time!

    How's everything going? Any recent wins? Y'all I officially made it through the worst of my MBA program and kept up my work out schedule (minus a 2 week break for injury recovery) the whole way through. I'm really surprised I sustained it, especially because I had to move one of my work outs to 6 AM which is NOT my thing.

    What has you motivated or struggling this week? Stress level is high across the board. Work is hard for a variety of reasons. Home life is hard with DH traveling for work. School has been insane. I'm trying to get into journaling or mindfulness of some sort and have been mostly unsuccessful - the little free time I have gets spent on trash tv. I also really need to get back to eating healthy. Some of this should let up soon though, so I'm staying focused on the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • @pinkkillersheep I know trash TV isn't mindfulness or journaling but it can definitely be cathartic and much needed unwinding time. Sometimes I feel bad for not being "productive" with that time by meeting my other goals during it, but it totally serves its purpose! 

    @inthewoods23 200 days of yoga wow! That's so amazing. And solidarity on sweets-H got me a cookie at the farmstand today and instead of just eating the cookie-I broke it in half and put ice cream between the halves, lol. 

    @fameonmain2 good for you with keeping your workout/move streak alive! 

    @pajamstagrams I get stuck at two workouts a week, too. I'm guess there's a larger amount of protein involved in eating to put on some muscle? 

    What habits, goals, or resolutions are you focusing on this week? This week I started Beachbody again, Muscle Burns Fat. I'm on day three. I'm also really trying to focus on either not snacking or snacking healthy. H guilted me into not tracking because he says I'll "never keep up with it" and I should just eat the same thing daily so I always know what calories I'm ingesting and eat no snacks, but I don't think I can do that. 

    How's everything going? Any recent wins? Today I came home from a work training and did my workout instead of waiting til tonight! I also weighed myself and I didn't gain ALL the weight I'd lost back-I'm about 4lbs out from a weight that would mean I can comfortably wear my pants, and that feels manageable!

    What has you motivated or struggling this week? I'm going on vacation next week and I don't know how I'll keep the workouts up while i'm gone. We're going to Baltimore/DC so it'll be a heck of a lot of walking but knowing that I won't be able to finish MBF is giving me that little voice in the back of my head that says, "you should just quit now and start when school starts again!" lol
  • @pinkkillersheep strength training really is the best (for me! And in general lol). 

    I'm the same when I get stressed...any free time is filled with junky tv, although I should really try to prioritize work ours more haha.

    @SmashJam yeah, you won't really build a lot of muscle unless you eat more protein, or really more calories in general. I could choose to load up on protein and increase my caloric intake to build muscle faster, but I'm also trying to lose some weight, so gaining weight isn't on my list of things to do 🤣 so it will just take me longer to see results. 

    I'm not a snacker so I can't help too much on that front, but I do agree with YH about not tracking, only because it doesn't work for me and stresses me out more. If you do end up snacking, maybe just focus on hunger cues for your next meal? I feel like we all get into a default "this is how big my meal should be at dinner" but sometimes, I'm just not that hungry because I had a late lunch, so I have to consciously focus on putting less on my plate. Also, I use small plates for my meals, instead of dinner plates. It helps me portion out less food because the plate looks "full".
  • @pajamstagrams I do the small plate thing too! It helps. And you're right, I should use the hunger cues more often than I do. I'm trying to basically just not get seconds-sometimes I do! 
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