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Low grade fever 11 weeks pregnant

Has anyone had a fever from the flu/an upper respiratory infection in their first trimester? I wouldn't think anything of it were I not pregnant. Should I be concerned? Not really sure what to do except take some Tylenol.

Re: Low grade fever 11 weeks pregnant

  • I had a fever during one of my previous pregnancies. I called our nurse line and the advice I got was to take Tylenol and monitor the fever for some amount of time, and then if the fever didn't get better by a certain day or got worse to some extent, then call them back or something. Sorry I don't have specifics, this was 3 years ago. But I wouldn't worry, and if your health care system has a help line, I would call them and get specifics. 
  • Thanks for the response! This is my rainbow baby so Im feeling super anxious.
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  • I got the flu with ds3. I was about 5 weeks along and actually ran a pretty high fever. I was advised to take tylenol to control the fever and stay hydrated. All was well, and he developed fine. 
  • @kennedyrose97 no problem! I totally understand the anxiety - I’m hoping for a rainbow baby as well. Best of luck for you and your pregnancy! 
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