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Ten Things Tuesday 6.22

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What are you grateful for today?  Ten Things.  Go!

Re: Ten Things Tuesday 6.22

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  • @modoodles Yay for Superdads! Not having my dad much in my life (we lived in different states) was hard, I'm grateful for dads that excel at showing their kids they love them. @BusinessWife Aww baby giggles are the sweetest. I was a nanny for 6 years and those precious little voices are so fun to hear.

    1. Fiance holding my hair as I throw up-- if roles were reversed I'd be at the opposite side of the house (I loathe throwing up or seeing it)
    2. Bland food
    3. Flexible WFH job
    4. Cool basements
    5. Pebble ice
    6. Pregnancy apps
    7. Walks
    8. Trees/shade
    9. Friends
    10. My first Dr appt is two weeks from today!
    Katzaliamodoodles[Deleted User]
  • kmw611kmw611 member
    1. This baby
    2. Officially hiring my midwife
    3. lazy mornings snuggling with my boys. 
    4. my husband for his unwavering support
    5. naptime
    6. Good books
    7. Our slightly overcast day making weeding my garden a less sweaty experience
    8. “light” homeschool for the summer
    9. My mom being released from the hospital today 🎉
    10. DS1s paternal grandma for showing up for him and our family despite his biodad. 
    lexilougoldenchgilmore[Deleted User]
  • So glad your mom is home! @fuscok88. I know that must have been weighing heavy on you these past few days.... ❤️

    @Katzalia Spontaneous work compliment is so nice!  I got one of those today too, from my team lead and I was like, Wow!  She totally didn't have to say that, but it was nice to get the recognition / confirmation that I'm doing okay in my new role.  DH can't wait for me to quit, which is nice that he would support me SAH, bit it's annoying to feel like he really couldn't give to crabs whether or not I had a good day, or a bad day, or anything in between. Kwim?  Ugg. Sorry to vent lol. You found the ginger sparkling water!!! 😆👍

    @chgilmore Crystallized ginger is literally one of my favorite things in the whole wide world.  You can also use sliced ginger, hot water, and lots of brown or turbinado sugar to make an amazing sweet hot ginger tea drink!  I may have to start taking the excuse of pregnancy to have to start indulging...

    @lexilougolden aw, sorry about the vom.  Looking forward to your first appointment!  That will be exciting.  Do you know if YF can come?

    @modoodles that is so fun that your friends are due so close!  I shard a due date with my coworker for my pandemic baby, that was fun, except now we still haven't gotten together since... :/ She got pregnant again right away, and now I'm finally pregnant, too - I think it would be fun to try and set up our first play date and tell her in person.  That is going to be so awesome though - your babies already have a little instant BFF on the way!; 😁
  • @BusinessWife haha yes I hunted it down, so glad I did. Ginger tea is awesome in cooler months but the ginger sparkling water is exactly what I needed for this time of year. Thanks for the rec!
    [Deleted User]
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