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Fathers Day announcement ideas

Just found out I’m pregnant. I’m in shock.  We are both 42, it’s not planned. And we have a 4 and 2 year old.  How do I tell my husband?!?!  Every other pregnancy I told him immediately (I couldn’t imagine how people hold this in!) But with Father’s Day so soon I want to wait a few days.  I just have no ideas!! 

Re: Fathers Day announcement ideas

  • @Eveinshock Congrats! I'm sure there's tons of cute ideas on Pinterest or Etsy. But my one idea was to sign the card "from your three littles" or something like that :)
  • But my one idea was to sign the card "from your three littles" or something like that :)
    That’s actually really cute. I looked up some on Pinterest but they seem so elaborate and I have like zero effort to give. Hahaha 
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  • @Eveinshock I saw a really cute idea today. It was a poster with each kid’s handprint with their name and birth month/year under it. At the end was an ultrasound picture with “Baby coming month 2022.”
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  • @Eveinshock well...I ended up telling MH basically immediately because I was doing tests CONSTANTLY and I couldn't keep it to myself for a whole month but my plan was to give him a tshirt that says "DILF" in pretty minimalistic lettering (it's his style) on father's day.
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  • Lol @chgilmore that's funny.  I found one to give DH that says DADDY^3 to give him for Father's Day.  I was hoping he would just low-key wear it on his birthday next month...
  • I have never held it passed 5 minutes so I am hoping I can wait the 5 days!   I’ve managed to hold it in 7 hours. Of course he was working most of that time…

    I found one of those Daddy3 shirts on Amazon, or daddy bear with 3 cubs. I am pretty sure he wouldn’t even pick up on it for a while, thinking he just got a daddy shirt for Father’s Day.  😂
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  • How I told my husband for our daughter was I got a pea and put it in a box with a card that said “our baby is the size of a…”
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    Not for a husband because I told him immediately but for my dad (Papa to the kids) because we’ll be announcing to my family then. I made a trivet with “only the best dads get promoted to Papa” with the names of my sons and my nephew with baby W in birth order. Under each of the boys name is their birthdays and under baby’s is my due date. I’m going to do one for my MIL for her birthday to share with husband’s side of the family but I have 10 nieces and nephews on that side already plus my 2 kids and the baby to fit on a 7x7 trivet😱. 
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  • @Eveinshock hey it happens, no shame necessary! Like I said, I had this whole cute thing planned and then just blabbed to MH because I couldn't keep my anxiety together LOL. glad he knows now and you get to celebrate an extra special father's day :)
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  • Aww, that is really cute tho! @Eveinshock
  • @Eveinshock How sweet! I wouldn’t have been able to keep it to myself from dh for any amount of time so, no shame! Haha 
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    @Eveinshock there is no way I’d have been able to keep it from my hubs that long so no shame at all! 
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  • @Eveinshock I couldn't keep it as long as you did! No worries! I'm sure this Father's day will be extra special :)
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  • @Eveinshock similar situation over here except my kids are 7 & 2.5. Lots of shock over here too. 

    I couldn’t wait long to tell either, but kept it back a few hours. Just long enough to drag the kids to the toy store and get a lovey & teething toy. I gave them to him in a Father’s Day gift bag with the positive test. 
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    I told MH last weekend, the morning after I took a test. I already had all his Father's Day gifts wrapped, so I told him I wanted to give him his gifts early (this is typical of us - Christmas usually happens in this house around Dec. 14th lol). So, I gave him his larger gifts first - a black walnut cutting board engraved with "Dad's BBQ" on it, a coffee mug that says "Dad Joke Pro", and some cologne. Then I gave him a smaller bag that had four positive tests in it (he didn't believe me last time), and told him that that present was probably the most expensive. Before he unwrapped it, he thought it was custom chisels for his woodworking, haha! So, it was two pink line tests and two digitals.
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