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Healthy Habits w/o 5.24

What habits, goals, or resolutions are you focusing on this week?

How's everything going? Any recent wins?

What has you motivated or struggling this week?

Re: Healthy Habits w/o 5.24

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    keikilovekeikilove member
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    Okay, I’ll go. Maybe I will burn some calories by going first.😆

    What habits, goals, or resolutions are you focusing on this week? I’m trying to hit 10,000 steps per day and maybe aim to close all my rings on my new Apple Watch. I don’t find the rings motivating or interesting at all so that may be a hard goal to hit. 

    How's everything going? Any recent wins? Things are fine. Ive been walking and running almost daily. Also been getting 8 hours’ sleep for the past week (mostly) and it feels amazing. But today I still woke up tired and felt tired all day. A different win is that I figured out how to add a step counter directly to my Apple Watch face.
    (Warning: rant ahead. I thought I was writing about wins but it really turned into a rant about Apple Watch in general. Oops!)
    I’m a longtime Fitbit user and care way more about hitting my step goal than closing some silly rings that don’t even have good goals, and it’s so irritating that the goal categories can’t even be changed to something I’d prefer. Anyway, Adding the step counter is making the AW feel a bit less wasteful and a bit more useful, like my Fitbit. I only got the AW so I could run or walk while listening to music without having to carry my phone. Otherwise I don’t care for the thing at all and find it fairly annoying. I just can’t believe these things are this expensive and they don’t even program them with the things people would want most (step counter and adjustable goals. I’d love to be able to change the goofy “stand up 1 time per hour X times per day” goal to something a million times more useful.) 

    What has you motivated or struggling this week? I gained a lot of weight recently, like 7 pounds in 2 weeks!😩 I think it was from meds but it was still shocking. Today I’m finally one pound lighter and going to try to get into a more normal weight range. Prior to the weight gain I had lost several pounds so aiming for that again this week.

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    awelloawello member
    What habits, goals, or resolutions are you focusing on this week? Trying to walk every day and losing weight by eating healthy. I sit all day 

    How's everything going? Any recent wins? I didn't walk yesterday since I was exhausted after getting my first vaccine yesterday, but I've been doing really well the last couple of weeks. Down almost four pounds so far, which is good for me. My meds make me gain weight, so I find it really hard to lose it. 

    What has you motivated or struggling this week? Seeing the scale go down helps me stay motivated, like a reminder that what I'm doing is actually working. I've struggled with losing the weight I put on due to medication, and there are a lot of times I get frustrated and want to give up.

    @keikilove I have an AW, and there are times I get annoyed with it. I originally got it a few years ago to take calls and read texts and stuff on the watch so I wouldn't need my phone all the time, but now that I'm exercising more, I agree that a step counter on the face of the watch would be much more useful. It's a pain having to go into my phone and into an app just to check my steps.
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    @keikilove love my AW and I find any challenge motivating so that isn't a problem for me haha. BUT, agree 100% that a FitBit is much better if you're just looking for something to help with fitness. I like the watch for everything else - you've got to love those features for it be worth the money IMO.

    What habits, goals, or resolutions are you focusing on this week? Working out daily, continuing to up my water intake, and eating well. 

    How's everything going? Any recent wins? Got back into walking and Peloton workouts this week which is a huge win. Have also had a 1 gallon of water intake every day for the last week and have been careful with eating so happy about all of that.

    What has you motivated or struggling this week? Clothes being tight and my RE appointment July are hugely motivating me!
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    @keikilove I just got an AW about a month ago and am so happy I did. Closing my rings has been motivating to me but a big part of it is because I share my fitness with several people and they share theirs with me. So we get instant notifications when someone does a workout or closes their rings and my people have been really encouraging. It gives good accountability, which is definitely something I need!

    @awello  the weeks where the scale doesn’t  reflect your hard work are so frustrating and discouraging! Finding non-scale victories helps me with that but I totally get that wanting to give up feeling.

    @fameonmain2  awesome job getting back into walking and workouts!

    What habits, goals, or resolutions are you focusing on this week?
     Continuing to exercise every day and making better eating choices.

    How's everything going? Any recent wins?
     Things are going well. I had a scare with thinking I had diabetes (see TWW) but thankfully appear to be in the clear. I’m taking that close call as motivation to continue making healthier choices though so I can postpone that eventual likely reality. 

    What has you motivated or struggling this week?
    I stepped on the scale and am down about 6-7 pounds since I started working out and eating better in the heat few weeks. That’s definitely keeping me motivated! Also meaning that I likely don’t have diabetes is motivating me to keep it that way!
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    @keikilove I too am in the club of how the heck did I gain so much so fast!????  I would love to chalk it up to cycle meds, but it's mostly just progesterone... Can the trigger shot really cause something like that too?  I have no idea.  I know I've been slacking / stress eating a bit, too, but this is ridiculous / a little bit scary.

    @awello That is such a struggle when meds don't help the situation.  Those hard times when the scale isn't moving, I try to remind myself that all the healthier choices ARE making a difference, whether I can see it right away or not. ((((Hugs))) I agree that NSVs can be super motivating, too!  Like an article of clothing fitting better or a movement win!?  I know I need to be vigilant about keeping myself motivated when progress feels slow, too.

    @fameonmain2 oof, clothing fitting is a big pain point for me, too.  I get to where I literally feel like nothing fits and I have nothing to wear in public! Lol I bought a dress at Easter time I kept and planned to wear for a wedding in a couple weeks, except .... I really doubt it fits right now, and I may even have to find something else.  I'm so disappointed. :/

    @gingermama29 that is so great your friends are helping keep you motivated!  Congrats on the recent loss! 👏👏👏

    <b>What habits, goals, or resolutions are you focusing on this week?</b>
    I need to set up my fitness watch finally and start tracking my steps.
    </div><div><b>How's everything going? Any recent wins?</b>
    Not well. Lol I did get back into MFP, but I only fully logged a day or two before it felt daunting and I started slacking.  Part of it is the recently used foods are not populating properly, so it takes all this extra time to go in and search for things I am having regularly, which is annoying.  Especially when I'm in a good groove, eating the same type of foods, but I don't necessarily want to copy meals (and then delete).  Ughh.  I used to literally preplan my days, like a week at a time, which I kind of forgot about, so maybe that would help me to take time out to use it more like a meal planner and guide throughout my day, and then I just have to edit accordingly or add the things that went off script... Hmm...</div><div>
    </div><div><b>What has you motivated or struggling this week?</b>
    I had an audition last night and it really makes me want to start taking a dance class!  Except then DH was all griping about us getting to bed too late, and it's hard to feel that I can count on his support if I were to sign up for something where I needed him to be on board to help make the logistics work.  I can't even tell you how many things I think would be so fun to do, and I just feel like it was so much easier to pursue my hobbies and interests when I was single and didn't have to plan around someone else's schedule. :/ I'm more than a little apprehensive about how he's going to be once rehearsals start gearing up... But being on stage again after I can't even remember how long is obviously a big motivator.  When I told him there was a dance part of the audition, he literally blurted out, -- "But you can't dance!"  👺👿💥 Don't EVER say I can't dance. 😤</div>
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    @BusinessWife oooh what kind of audition?? And I 100% feel you snot hope much easier it would be to pursue certain hobbies without accommodating someone else’s schedule. I’d love to get into community theatre at some point.
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    @gingermama29 A big Musical Theatre production! ETA YGPM
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