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**This is a thread that welcomes all regardless of where they are at in their TTC journeys. Please be mindful of topics that are discussed that could be hurtful to those going through tough times. Mention of children or pregnancies of others should have a TW (trigger warning) and be in a spoiler if possible, and only be mentioned if it is extremely pertinent to the conversation. Thanks for keeping this a safe place for us all to engage!** 




Typical LP length: 





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    Month/Cycle: 23/2 AL

    CD/DPO: 81/6

    Timing: good

    Typical LP length: 13 

    Testing: 🤷‍♀️

    R/R: This weekend was really fun! I enjoyed visiting my sister and we had a great time road tripping to get our tattoos. Here’s mine!

    I love how it turned out! In less exciting news, I’m seeing my primary today to discuss my diabetes diagnosis. 


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    @gingermama29 happy to hear you had a great weekend & love that tattoo for you! also good news that you get to see your primary today to discuss your diagnosis, even though that is less exciting. 

    Month/Cycle: 2/2

    CD/DPO: 24/5

    Timing: good

    Typical LP length: 12

    Testing: sooner than I'd like, I'm sure. I'm trying to hold off until Friday.... I'll likely cave on Thursday or Wednesday despite that being a useless idea

    R/R: It's pouring rain here & has been for days, so I'm sleepy and a little grouchy, but I had a great weekend celebrating my birthday early with my BFF on Saturday; got my first manicure/pedicure since Jan. 2020 and ate in a restaurant for the first time since Mar. 2020. It was bananas, but very lovely. 

    CS/Q: Nada.

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    It’s quiet in this thread today!
    @beakay8 sounds like a great weekend! Yay for a mani/pedi!! I bet it felt amazing to be doing normal stuff again!
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    Month/Cycle: 2/2

    CD/DPO: 28/10

    Timing: decent, -3,-1

    Typical LP length: 14-16

    Testing: yup, BFN this morning

    R/R: we had a great weekend! Lots of outside time, plus seeing family and just relaxing. Also went ahead and made a doc appointment for August if we’re not KU by then. I know this is only month 2 we’ve been actively trying but I’m 40, so not wasting any time. Just having that appt helps me feel proactive and takes a bit of the pressure off, at least mentally, so that feels like a rave. 

    CS/Q: got my Proov tests in the mail. I took one yesterday and today and I *think* they were positive but since I didn’t take a baseline test this cycle I know I’m kinda giving myself some wiggle room on what constitutes a line. So I‘LL do a baseline next cycle and go from there. I will say, it’s kinda weird to look at the Proov results. For pg and opk results, you’re hoping/squinting for a second line. For the Proov results, you DON’T want to see a second line. So you’re squinting for the opposite reason, which feels weird. I dunno, I’ll get used to it. 

    @beakay8 sounds like a fabulous, NORMAL celebratory weekend! Happy birthday!

    @gingermama29 love the tattoo! Makes me want to go get my next one. Hope your appointment today goes well! 

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    kgg2241kgg2241 member

    @rachelredhead glad you made an appointment! It feels good to have a backup ready. And interesting about Proov. Not looking for a line would take some getting used to.

    @beakay8 sounds like a wonderful weekend! I hope the weather clears up soon! 

    @gingermama29 The tattoo turned out great! I love it! I also love the location you picked. Good luck at your appointment today -- I hope it goes well and you get some good guidance for how to move forward. 


    Month/Cycle: 4/3

    CD/DPO: 30/13

    Timing: great

    Typical LP length: 15 days 

    Testing: BFN 

    R/R: I had the best weekend. Spent time with friends and it was just what my soul needed. I did get jealous and a little down over my friend's house. I haven't been over there in forever and she did a big beautiful remodel. I had to keep reminding myself that there is always something better and maybe someone is looking at my house wishing they had it. Trying to stay grateful and keep thinks in perspective. Rant: I had bad cramps all night so I was convinced AF would show up this morning. I kind of delayed checking in just in case I needed to move over to WTO. It's actually fine but I was looking forward to moving on to a new cycle. 

    CS/Q: nope 

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